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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional recently made its way to Japan. A lengthy look at the game is in the video below.

In its first week, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional sold around 125,000 copies in Japan. Dengeki now provides us with additional details about the game’s performance.

Joker 3 Professional sold less than DS’ Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional, which achieved first week sales of 164,000 copies and 638,000 units lifetime. However, it did manage to sell through 90 percent of its initial shipment.

The sales ratio between Joker 2 Professional and original Joker 2 (lifetime sales of 1.32 million) was 48.3 percent. Considering how the original Joker 3’s lifetime sales were 660,000, total sales for the new Professional version would be expected at 318,000 copies. The important point will be whether Square Enix can attract new users in addition to the existing players.


Square Enix is back with more news about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Even though it’s the weekend, the company shares new details and screenshots about Speed Road and Demon King Class Monsters. Find the content rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Speed Road

– In Break World, where the protagonist and other characters live, there is a secret practice facility called “Masters Road” that only monster masters can challenge
– A secret facility has also been discovered in the World of Incarnus
– Here, a new adventure will take place known as “Speed Road”
– The only thing this facility requires is technique
– Ride your favorite monster and run through the decided course like a race with your eyes on the goal
– At the goal, you can receive a great number of rewards, which you won’t want to miss getting if you’re a monster master
– Speed Road’s entrance is in the middle of nowhere
– Discovering the entrance is also one of your tests as a monster master
– Monsters will block your path on the course
– Skillfully slip through them while collecting the crystals that drop on the course and aim for the goal
– Crystals come in all shapes and sizes
– The bigger the crystals, the higher your score
– Use SP (Special) Items to brush away enemies for a short time
– Get crystals from defeated enemies
– After reaching the goal, you’ll receive a reward depending on your score
– Collect a lot of crystals to get a premium item
– Various stages to take on

Demon King Class Monsters

– Demon King class monsters that have appeared in the Dragon Quest series will continue to appear in this game
– Making friends with the monsters that stood before you as formidable enemies, and then adventuring together, is a feature unique to the Monsters series
– Won’t be easy to befriend the monsters
– Demon King Omudo Rex (from Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light): the huge weapon Omudo Lores created its own personality in order to think and grow on its own; everything it does is in order to carry out the commands of its master
– Aldarala (from Hoshi no Dragon Quest): loves slaughter more than anything; exerts itself to the limits of brutality, so it is said to get excited and become unable to sleep at night
– True Demon King Zaram (from Dragon Quest Heroes II): monster who took the chalice filled with the power of darkness into its body and became a True Demon King whose power surpasses that of a god


Square Enix issued a new trailer and commercials for Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. All of the videos are posted below.

Square Enix sent out a new information batch about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Today’s content covers the World of Incarnus, an area in the game with a new story inhabited by divine monsters known as Incarnus. Find the details rounded up below along with new screenshots courtesy of Gematsu. 

– The protagonist has saved Break World from crisis and safely taken back the memories he lost
– One day, he meets a mysterious creature named Tico that resembles a young bird
– Led by Tico, you arrive at the “World of Incarnus”
– This is a place where Incarnus live
– This opens the curtains on a new adventure set in the world inhabited by Inacrnus, monsters said to belong to the lineage of gods
– Visit the World of Incarnus with Tico
– A new story will unfold in this land of magical atmosphere
– The ecosystem in this world is different from that of Break World; monsters are huge
– All items are huge as well
– Since they’re so big, you can get a lot of items all at once
– There seems to be dangerous areas where monsters fight against each other in the World of Incarnus
– Use your drone to explore and witness the full impact battle up close
– The Village of Incarnus is the base area in the World of Incarnus
– There is not much of an indication of other people, and there doesn’t seem to be many residents
– The town has facilities run by Incarnus
– Incarnus come in all forms and varieties
– An altar-like structure can be found inside the town
– The protagonist visits the World of Incarnus after a strange encounter
– However, it will develop into an unforeseen incident that involves both the World of Incarnus and Break World
– The situation takes an unexpected turn with a certain request from Tico
– Characters from the Joker series will also appear to help the player
– A new threat will stand before the protagonist


Over on V Jump’s YouTube page, extended gameplay is shown from Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Take a look at the footage below.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional is coming out on February 9 in Japan for 3DS, and Square Enix has released details on some of its special monsters, the Incarnus. These details have been translated by Gematsu, and show the four basic Incarnus as well as upgraded forms of them.

– Wind based
– Small white tiger
– Turns into a large tiger, Emperor Windyo

– Looks like a small owl
– Despite its cute appearance, it controls flames
– Turns into a fierce owl, Empress Freysha

– Earth based
– Looks like a small bear
– Turns into the Righteous Emperor Gaogaia

– Water based
– Resembles a turtle
– Specializes in defense
– Turns into War Emperor Ackle

You can also see screenshots of all these Incarnus below:


Square Enix is back with another news update on Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional. Today, the company shared new information and screenshots pertaining to the Super Life Fusion Modified feature and new monsters debuting in the game.

Here’s the roundup, courtesy of Gematsu:

Super Life Fusion Modified

– Feature debuted in Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3
– In this version, it has been enhanced to allow monsters to unleash more power than ever before
– It’s called Super Life Fusion Modified
– he greatest feature of this fusion is that the monsters born through it can reach a maximum level of 120
– With things like the skills it’s able to learn increased, it’s no exaggeration to say that it is the strongest method of fusion
– As you progress through the story, Super Life Fusion will evolve into Super Life Fusion Modified
– The modified fusion sees the rise of various capabilities
– The maximum cost to learn special traits rises, which will increase your variety of tactics as well


– Darck: monster famously known as a collector; grasps its shining jewel tightly when you ride it
– AsuraZoma: serious Zoma who has mastered the power of darkness; triumphs in both physical attacks and magic
– Semergias: monster famously known as the most evil and a god of battle; unleashes strong physical attacks using the weapons in both of its hands
– LordDraco: dragon beside himself in anger; brutal dragon who packs a punch when you ride it
– Baboon beast: four-eyed monster with the personality of a king drifting about him; never separated from his throne

Square Enix is sharing another round of information about Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional today. With the latest news, details focus on activities that can be done by player’s partner Nochorin.

There are three new things that the players can request of Nochorin:

1. Want to take a shortcut: Nochorin will allow players to skip parts of the story – either to the following story section or at the next boss; useful for those who have already played the original Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3.
2. Want to scout: Nochorin will scout monsters in player’s stead. It may fail when trying to scout strong monsters, but you can keep giving these requests at any time. There may be also monsters that can only be scouted by Nochorin.
3. Want to pick up items: Nochorin can also pick up items required by players. Depending on its mood, it may obtain a number of items in one go.

Another new feature is Ride Combine, which combines two monsters – one ridden by the player and one ridden by Nochorin – into a single stronger monster. However, it only seems to be available during battles. When combined, the player’s monster will become bigger and more powerful. There are also special skills and abilities that are exclusive to Ride Combine.

Examples of these skills include:

– Toumabakuenzan (Fighting Demon Explosive Fire Slash): engulfs the surrounding area in an explosive fire; the lower the user’s HP, the more damage will be dealt
– God’s Judgment: Drops fierce thunder from above, and deal enormous physical damage to all enemies

And a couple of examples for abilities:

– Dragon Killer: Self-explanatory; greatly raises damage against dragons
– Item Extreme Up: Extremely raises chances of enemies dropping items

Screenshots for today’s coverage are in the gallery below.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional is an updated version of the 3DS game that launched in Japan earlier this year. Today, Square Enix shared information about some of the new features.

First, a drone has now been added to the Reactor device, which can freely explore the field. When activated, the player can stay still while the drone moves to explore far away places or even surprise monsters. Drones can reach places that not even rideable monsters can reach such as high places or small holes. It can also get balls of light floating in the air. Some rare treasure boxes can only be reached by exploring every corner. Drones can also startle enemies that may drop items when they flee.

In Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 Professional, it’s possible to ride huge monsters. The difference with normal-sized monsters that you can ride is that the new kind has a special attack that can instantly wipe out weaker enemies.

Finally, there are special balls of light in the air. If the player touches them, the player and rideable monster will be encased in a special aura. With this, even small monsters can beat enemies with a ride attack.