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FuRyu updated the official website for The Legend of Legacy with new story details. You can find them all below (courtesy of Siliconera’s translation).

– A number of people went in search of a legend, which caused the continent of Avalon to reawaken
– Unknown whether there will be stairs that lead to paradise or a door that leads to the abyss
– Game focuses on the truth about what was left behind by the old gods
– A mysterious island suddenly surfaced in the distant northern sea 10 years prior
– Legends say that this place was once called Avalon
– This was a place that had a country where the gods once lived and prospered
– Since then, many adventurers and researchers have gone to explore the island
– Because of Avalon’s peculiar landform and monsters, research and exploration haven’t gone far
– Early explorers say they saw “spirits” in Avalon
– These spirits can’t normally be seen by humans, but are plainly visible on this island for some unknown reason
– One theory suggests that this is so because of the “inherited” power left behind by the gods
– The different parts of Avalon have numerous tools and buildings left behind, which one wouldn’t expect to see in a regular civilization
– One Avalon legend revolves around the “Star Graal” (grail)
– The Star Graal is one of the properties left behind by the gods that is said to grant “eternity” to its owner
– This is speculated to be the secret to immortality
– Rumors about Star Graal are one of the reasons why adventurers have traveled to Avalon, in hopes of amassing riches from the grail
– No one has seen the Star Graal thus far
– The town of Initium is located on the south end of Avalon
– Initium is currently its only town
– It’s the home base for adventurers that seek various legends, and many adventurers travel here day and night
– The lord who lives in a building on top of the hill was the first person to discover Avalon island
– He is a self-proclaimed “Adventure King”
– It took him ten years to build the town of Initium


A ton of details about The Legend of Legacy have come in through the game’s official website. You can find them all rounded up below.

Famitsu posted an online preview today with more details about The Legend of Legacy. Read on below for the latest game information.

– Set on the unknown island of Avalon harboring the heritage of the gods
– There is no one set route for the story
– Players can progress the game freely
– The map is available at the start of the game
– Use it to aid in exploration
– Each time you discover a new map, the number of areas you can adventure to increases
Players will discover the secrets hidden on the island
– Seven adventurers will challenge the legend of Avalon
– Players will select their main character from among them and create a party of three from those that remain
– Swap and replace party members in “Initium City”
– Meurs: 27-year-old male elemantalist
– Liber: 18-year-old male treasure hunter
– Owen: 36-year-old male bounty hunter
– Bianca: female of unknown age with amnesia
– Garnet: 20-year-old female knight
– Eloise: 24-year-old female alchemist
– Filmia: frog prince of the Kael Tribe of unknown age
– Designer Kyoji Koizumi wanted to make a game without quests, where players can find out what to do on their own
– The team understood some players would feel stuck without guidance
– The game provides the big objective, then leaves it up to the player to figure out how to do that, uncovering things along the way
– Magic can only be used in Avalon
– The magic in this game is different than magic in other RPGs for that reason
– No human-versus-human battles
– There are beings that are different from monsters
– As you get into the latter half of the game, you’ll fight them more often
– Avalon is dotted with ruins
– Koiziumi wants players to enjoy figuring out the mystery of who used to live there


Along with the screenshots above, we have confirmation that the following staff members are involved with the development of The Legend of Legacy:

Director: Masataka Matsura
Image Illustration: Tomomi Kobayashi (SaGa franchise character illustrator)
Game Design: Kyoji Koizumi (SaGa franchise battle designer)
Character Design: Ryo Hirao
Background Art: Misako Tsutsui (ex-S-E background artist)
Monster Design: Yuichiro Kojima (ex-S-E texture artist), Ryoji Shimogama (ex-S-E creature designer)
Composer: Masashi Hamauzu (I hear he makes good music)
Sound Editor: Kenichi Saito
Text Direction: Masato Kato (wrote for Chrono Trigger and Xenogears, wrote and directed Chrono Cross)
Narration: Emiko Shiratori
Title Logo Design: Tadahiko Kawaguchi
Movie Design: Shuhei Yamagata


FuRyu has opened a teaser site for The Legend of Legacy, which was announced in this month’s issue of V Jump. You can access it here. Few details are known about The Legend of Legacy at present, but we should be receiving concrete information in the weeks ahead.

V Jump’s November issue has revealed “The Legend of Legacy” for 3DS. FuRyu is releasing the game in partnership with the magazine on January 22. Pricing is set at 5,980 yen.

The Legend of Legacy allows players to choose between seven protagonists: Meurs the elementaler, Bianca the amnesiac girl, Liber the treasure hunter, Garnet the church’s knight of justice, Owen the capable mercenary, Eloise the bewitching alchemist, and Filmia the frog prince. As far as the plot goes, Anime News Network reports: “The story of gods’ legacy and truth begins on Avalon, the legendary land that has awakened from an eternal slumber.”


FuRyu has pushed back the Japanese launch of The Prince of Tennis II: Go to the Top.

Today, the company announced that the 3DS game will now ship in spring 2015. It was previously slated for November 6. A new date will be confirmed sometime in the future.

In light of the news, FuRyu apologized for the inconvenience the delay may have caused. The publisher hopes to put out a better product with the extra development time.