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Dragon Ball: Fusions has now launched in Japan, and Gamer has prepared another batch of screenshots from the game. Check them out below.


Dragon Ball: Fusions scan shows Gorus

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Dragon Ball: Fusions has received yet another scan, the latest one being from Weekly Jump. The magazine shows Gorus, the Ultimate God fusion – created by a fan – between Goku and God of Destruction Beerus. Players can add the character to their squad by scanning a QR code (pictured in the image above).


Dragon Ball: Fusions has received a new, lengthy commercial. View the 60-second advertisement below.

A second new scan of Dragon Ball: Fusions scan has emerged, with just a few days to go before the full game launches in Japan.

The latest images once again come from V-Jump. We’re also get another look at Maxi-Fusion as well as Frieza’s spaceship, which was reconstructed by Capsule Corporation and serves as the player’s headquarters.

Head past the break for the full scan.

Bandai Namco has shared a new Dragon Ball: Fusions video showing off the battle system. Check it out below.

Thanks to Siliconera, we also have the following details:

– Fusion system lets you fuse pretty much any character
– Different enemies appear in Fusion World
– The characters attack in the order of a “Timeline”
– Characters closest to the right being the next in line to attack
– 3 main commands
– Basic attacks are split between Fight and Energy Ball options
– Fight is a close-ranged melee attack with high power while Energy Ball uses Ki and will allow you to pull off multiple attacks depending on its type
– Special Attack: most powerful one for dealing damage
– Other options such as “Charge Ki” and “Check Power”
– Character triangle with each character fitting under a category of Power, Technique, and Speed
– Power beats Technique
– Technique bests Speed
– Speed takes out Power.
– “Ring Out”: used to blow enemies away and send them further to the left in the Timeline order
– If used properly, you can keep certain enemies from attacking by keeping them pushed back
– This will also come in handy when you want to pull off Support Attacks
– Activate Support Attacks with multiple characters just by having their turn orders next to each other in the Timeline
– Deal more damage with more characters for Support Attacks
– Different Support Attack categories
– Fight-type: deals more damage than the basic version and blows enemies away
– Energy Ball-type: aren’t as strong as the Fight-type counterparts, but they can hit multiple enemies at once
– Support-type: various effects such as healing abilities and buffs
– Maxi Gauge: choose between the two of “All-Out Attack” and “Maxi-Fusion”
– All-Out Attacks start an action battle mode where you can perform attacks in action battle style by pressing A and X for physical and energy attacks, Y and B for guarding and evading
– Can recruit enemies hit with All-Out Attacks
– Maxi-Fusion is an ultimate attack that allows you to fuse together with your entire party to deal devastating damage on the enemies


Dragon Ball: Fusions was once again featured in V Jump ahead of its launch in Japan next week. Several elements are shown, including the fan-made Great Satan-man fusion (Great Saiyaman x Mister Satan) that will be in the game and manga. Female versions of the Ginyu Force are also shown.

A guidebook will also be made available. The book will include a special code unlocking Super Saiyan Blue (or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Vegeta as a partner character. The game also allows players to fuse faces with friends and save them to the 3DS.

Hit the break for today’s full scan.

Dragon Ball: Fusions commercials

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Bandai Namco has uploaded a pair of commercials for Dragon Ball: Fusions, which drops in Japan on August 4. View them below.

In Japan, 3DS owners have an opportunity to nab an exclusive Dragon Ball: Fusions theme. Those who stop by certain shops can scan a QR code from a promotional book which can then be used to obtain it. Limited quantities of a special book are also being handed out (pictured below).


This week’s issue of Jump provides another update on Dragon Ball: Fusions. We have news about another character, StreetPass support, and more.

First, Arale from Dr. Slump (manga from creator Akira Toriyama) makes an appearance in this game. As an example of her EX Fusion, she can fuse with Towa to become Towale.

Dragon Ball: Fusions seems to have a StreetPass function. If you obtain data from other players, it will automatically make fusions if the characters set have good compatibility.

There’s also some information about the battle system, though it’s still very bare-bones. Details include:

– There’s a triangle of type effectiveness
– Energy bullets have different types (perhaps pertaining to the above point)
– If you attack with an effective type, you can deal 1.5% more damage
– There is a Full-Throttle Attack where the combo is different (from normal attack)


Bandai Namco has shared a bunch of new Dragon Ball: Fusions screenshots. They don’t show anything particularly new, but they do give us another look at the game. Find the images below.


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