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Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village came out a few weeks ago, but we never actually got a proper look at the limited edition. We’re fixing that now with the following unboxing video from Nintendo Chit Chat:

Siliconera caught up with Harvest Moon: Skytree Village producer Taka Maekawa to chat about the 3DS game. The full interview is located here, but there are a few excerpts worth highlighting.

Regarding feedback from Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley used to improve Skytree Village, Maekawa said:

“We have some loyal and dedicated fans that have been playing Harvest Moon for years and years, so we truly value the feedback we get. It’s hard to narrow down what we are most proud of to just one thing, since there are tons of new features and improvements. We tweaked, improved, and added to all sorts of areas in Harvest Moon: Skytree Village. Such as redesigning the UI menu, making the character controls more responsive, adding a rich and robust story, and new character designs and models. And let’s not forget about the new addition of the Poitou Donkey! There’s just too many features we’re proud of to just pick one.”

Maekawa also shared the following about secrets within the game:

“Fundamentally, all Harvest Moon games are repetitive by nature, so it is extremely important to have a variety of things in the game that keep it new and fresh to drive you to keep playing and moving forward. So, yes, there are all sorts of secrets in the game, some big, some small. I would tell you what they are, but that would ruin the surprise!”

Another Harvest Moon game in the pipeline is Seeds of Memories. It’s out on mobile, but the Wii U and PC versions are still not available. Regarding these releases, Maekawa said: “We hope to be able to talk about them as things become more final!”


Natsume recently published another video for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories on mobile, which you can see below. This is likely the last one we’ll be posting until we hear more about the Wii U version.

A couple of days ago, Natsume put out a trailer for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories’ iOS launch. Another video has hit the web as well focusing on gameplay. View it below.

Today, Natsume brought out Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories on iOS platforms. The company also released a new trailer – see below – in celebration of its launch. We’re still waiting on the Wii U version, but the video gives us an idea as to what we can expect from the game.

Natsume posted the first official gameplay video from Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories on its Facebook page today. Although it’s specifically from the iOS build, the footage gives us an idea as to what we can expect from the Wii U version. Take a look at the video below.

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories (iOS)

Hello, everyone! This is Taka, the producer of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, a new Harvest Moon game coming to iOS soon as well as Android, Wii U, and PC in 2016. We know fans were very excited by our reveal of our first screenshots for the mobile versions, and we're excited to bring you a new treat today. To show you how Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories looks in action, we've made a little video for you of the iOS version. But let me step aside and have Mike (that is what I named him, but you can name your character whatever you want) take over…—–Hey there, everyone! Mike here! I thought it might be cool to show you my average day here in Chestnut Town, so let's get right to it.I start the day off by taking care of my pets. I have two: a bobcat and a dog. I still dunno how I was able to train that bobcat, but hey, it hasn't tried to eat me yet! I make sure to feed them both before I leave for the day.After leaving the house, it's time to take care of my crops! Luckily, Brutus has upgraded several of my tools, so watering is a cinch! It looks like there's some spinach that's ready to be harvested today. Perfect timing! I also take this time to clear my land of any stray rocks or weeds that may have popped up overnight.Next, it's time to take care of my animals. First, I clean up the barn using my pitchfork. I can use the compost I clean up as fertilizer, though, so it's not as bad as you might think. Some of my animals need cleaning as well, so I take the time to do that too. Normally, I would also milk and sheer any animals that need it, but it doesn't seem like they do today. Naturally, before I leave, I make sure to leave feed in their feedbox, as they're quite hungry in the morning!After that, it's off to my chicken coop. Just like my barn, I clean it up using my pitchfork. You might not think it to look at them, but chickens need to be loved and held, so I take the time to do that before gathering the eggs they've laid. Just like the animals in my barn, my chickens are hungry in the morning, so I feed them before I leave.Next, it's off to the mountain to see the girl I've got my eye on, Andrea! She's an ore researcher, but also likes to relax at the bar after work. My kinda gal! In any case, I make it a point to talk to her every day, as well as give her a gift. I still haven't confessed my feelings to her, so get kinda nervous when I talk to her these days…While I'm at the mountain, I figure I should get in some fishing for the day. Let's see what I can catch today… A crucian carp? Not bad. And a pretty big one, too!Now it's time to head to Chestnut Town. I want to sell Sam some broccoli, so I talk to him first. Boy, that Sam sure has a unique way of talking! At first, it was a bit difficult to understand what he was saying to me, but now I gots it down, capisce?Next, it's off to Iris' Flower Shop to pick up some flower seeds. I've had my eye on these white rose seeds for a while, so let me get…let's see, how about 15 of them? Oh no! My bag is full! But that's OK! The seeds I just bought were sent directly to the storage in my house, so I can just take them out from there when I get home.After that, I think I'll stop by Hanna's Restaurant to say "hi" to Hanna and her daughter, Emily. Hanna's food is amazing! I've bought some of her recipes so I can cook her dishes at home. Anyway, her daughter Emily is great, too. She's a bit too hyper for my tastes as far as romance goes, but some people like that in a girl. She's a great friend, though!Finally, it's off to bed for the day. *Whew*! I'm exhausted! Farmwork starts early in the morning, so it's best to get to bed around 10 PM or so. And who knows what tomorrow may bring? I need to be prepared for anything!

Posted by Natsume Inc. on Thursday, December 17, 2015

Head on over to the source link for another developer diary for the game.


In a Tumblr update today, Natsume published the first official screenshots from Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, which are in the gallery below. Note that the images are from the mobile build.


Natsume has slowly been sharing new information about Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories through developer diaries. The latest one has gone live, which covers relationship and marriage aspects in the game.

Here’s the latest:

Harvest Moon has always been about building a successful life, which means running a successful farm, and also building a meaningful life with friends and family. Marriage has always been an important part of the franchise, and in Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, we wanted to be careful to balance it against other gameplay aspects. We also want to make sure that wooing your favorite bachelor or bachelorette isn’t so time consuming that you can’t get to the other parts of the game you love. Therefore, we’ve put a lot of thought into how to balance dating, marriage, and family in Seeds of Memories.

A new Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories has been added to Natsume’s Tumblr page. In today’s update, we learn that the game will feature a Town Square.

Natsume says that the Town Square in Seeds of Memories will have “a big role” in the game. All of the festivals will be held here, such as the Cooking Festival in spring and fall. Festivals are also where you can “interact with townspeople, and learn more about their hopes and dreams.”

Here’s the full update from Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories’s producer:

Farming takes time…tilling the soil, planting the seeds, and watering the crops. So, what are you supposed to do while you wait for your crops to mature? Visit with the local residents, of course! And what better way than traveling to town? There have been a variety of different types of towns represented in the Harvest Moon series through the years. Some big, some small, some spread out, and some compact. I have always been partial to the compact towns, with everyone moving around busily in their daily schedules, and a center location where the townsfolk gather for festivals and special events. Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories will have just this: a town full of life, and a town square where festivals will be held.

Since the first Harvest Moon on SNES, the Town Square has always been the “hub” of the game. Whether you’re attending a festival there, or just chatting to one of the villagers, it’s a place that’s always fun to visit. You never know just what’s going to happen there!

The Town Square will also play a big role in Seeds of Memories, of course. It’s once again where all of the festivals will be held. For example, the Cooking Festival will be held there in spring and fall, so make sure you have some delicious dishes ready to enter!

Festivals are also a great way to interact with townspeople, and learn more about their hopes and dreams. And of course, you’ll be able to raise the affection of bachelors and bachelorettes in special and unique ways, but we’ll be discussing that in another developer diary!


Siliconera has shared another round of details for Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. That includes a new comments from Natsume’s Graham Markay, who said that this title is intended to address criticisms that fans had with The Lost Valley.

Here’s a rundown of what Siliconera shares in its article:

“We heard what our fans had to say. We got compliments as well as criticisms. One of the main issues was probably a town. This returns to the fundamentals. Is there upgrades? Yes. Is there giving gifts? Yes. Are there a variety of bachelors and bachelorettes? Yes. This isn’t a sequel to The Lost Valley.” – Graham Markay, Vice President of Operations at Natsume

– Players arrive on a rustic farm that used to be in a striving town
– As you sow crops and care for cows, the farm thrives and the townsfolk begin to remember what their town is like
– Can visit residents in their homes
– Court five bachelors or bachelorettes
– Not a sequel to Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley
– This game has some familiar characters
– The Lost Valley’s clocksmith Andrea is in the game
– Luke from The Lost Valley is also a datable character
– A witch bachelorette and wizard bachelor were also added due to fan requests


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