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Hyper Gunsport

Publisher Hitcents and developer Necrosoft Games recently announced Hyper Gunsport, a mixture of volleyball and gunplay. It’s described as an “action-sports-arcade” title.

Hyper Gunsport “is set in a future where humans have grown tired of conflict, and all weaponry is banned. Disputes between countries are now settled with The World’s Game: Gunsport. Guns are now only used for one thing: to shoot a ball into a goal.”

Yolked Switch

Publisher Hitcents and developer HardBoiled Studios have announced that the physics-based platformer Yolked is on the way to Switch. A release is planned for 2022.

Yolked has players following the escape of an eggs with arms. You’ll be avoiding enemies and overcoming obstacles, collecting costumes, and ensuring that they don’t crack. As a platformer, there’s climbing, mantling, and swinging involved to get past environmental hazards and dangers.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at Inspector Waffles, that’s now possible thanks to some new gameplay. The detective adventure title released on Switch this week.

Check out the following overview for Inspector Waffles:

Inspector Waffles

The old school detective adventure game Inspector Waffles is making its way to Switch, publisher Hitcents and developer Golosso Games have announced. Fans can pick up the title beginning on October 14.

Here’s an overview of the game:

Kokopa's Atlas

Publisher Hitcents and developer HyperMegaPixel today announced that Kokopa’s Atlas, an upcoming sandbox adventure title with crafting/survival elements, is planned for Switch. The project does not have a release window.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

The physical release of Ministry of Broadcast is seeing a significant delay. Today, PM Studios and acttil announced that copies won’t be offered at retail until October 6.

“We understand just how much fans are looking forward to this physical edition and did everything in our power to meet the original release date, but due to the current global situation, we have made the difficult decision to delay the release in order to ensure a smooth and safe release schedule,” an official statement reads.

Ministry of Broadcast, the narrative driven 2D cinematic platformer, has been given a new launch trailer. We have it below.

New footage is in for Ministry of Broadcast, the narrative-driven single player cinematic platformer. View the gameplay below.

Ministry of Broadcast is due out for Switch on April 28. A physical version will follow on May 26.

Hitcents has issued a new “Gameplay Preview” video for Ministry of Broadcast, the narrative driven 2D cinematic platformer. Watch it below.

Ministry of Broadcast launches via the eShop on April 30, followed by a physical edition on May 26.

The story-driven action game Ministry of Broadcast will launch physically for Switch on April 28, PM Studios and acttil have announced. Presumably, the digital version will either be out earlier or on the same day.

A special pre-order package was also revealed today known as the “Steelbook Edition”. Reserve the game to receive a customized steelbook packaged in an O-sleeve. Pricing is set at $39.99.

Here’s an overview of Ministry of Broadcast, along with a trailer:

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