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Masahiro Sakurai

Smash is officially out in Japan and today Sakurai talks a little bit about some features that will be prevalent when the game is out worldwide:

He continues, reminding us to connect online in case of any potential updates:



Even if you don’t want to be spoiled, it might be wise to select the Online option at least once before you start the game. Your Global Smash Power won’t appear until the first time you connect to the internet. Not only that, but there could potentially be a patch available that can resolve potential issues, like the one being released now for the Japanese version of the game. For the package version, updates can be pre-downloaded to your system even before you purchase the game, so make sure you look out for them.


Now today’s screenshot is a tease and a half! Sakurai talks about the demo on the Japanese eShop perhaps coming outside of the region?

and that’s not all:


The only mode available on the demo version is Smash, but I also left open a feature called Tips. Just remember to tap that button. You’ll figure the rest out once you do.


No surprises here, today Sakurai has another pair of 3DS screenshots again focusing on more menus:

He continues:


And here’s the results screen. It shows what you gained in each stage, but you won’t be rewarded until you clear it all. If you mess up in the middle, you can lose some of them too. The fighter icons are special attacks, and icons like the shield are equipment. The icons that say Mii on them are hats and clothes for Mii characters. Icons that show characters on a stand are trophies, of course, and the coins are gold you earned.

What better way to get hype for the Japanese release with more menu tidbits! Sakurai takes apart another menu today that touches on some 3DS specific features:

Today’s Super Smash Bros. update from Masahiro Sakurai has gone live. You can find the full roundup below.


This is what you see after you click on Games & More. There are many modes to choose from. There’s the Options button, too.


Futhermore, this is what the screen looks like after you click on Solo. In the Stadium, you can find the Home-Run Contest, various Multi-Man Smash challenges, and Target Blast!

As the 3DS release draws closer and closer in Japan, Sakurai has been really doubling (or in this case tripling) down on screens! More Smash Run shots today:

He continues:


Those red things in the picture are called danger zones, and if you touch one, you’ll get penalized by respawning farther back in the stage!! The danger zones disappear after someone else touches them, so fighters following those in the lead will have an advantage. You can still find speed boosts throughout the stage, so it’ll be a heated battle ’till the end!!

and another:


Here’s another final battle called “Climb!” Obviously, those that can jump or fly higher will have the advantage, but they also have to avoid the danger zones!! It gets pretty challenging if you’ve boosted your speed too much, as well. Everyone really gets into this when playing multiplayer.

Returning with some HD Smash screens, Sakurai details a heap of new information on alternate character colours:


He continues, showcasing the other half of Samus’ palette:


…And here she is in the color schemes of the Gravity Suit from Metroid Prime, Green Samus (a regular in the Smash series), the Light Suit, and Dark Samus. A total of eight colors.

but that’s not all:


You can choose between four male and four female Villagers to play with. The designs for their faces and clothes are different. And here are the four Villagers we haven’t shown you yet.

Today Sakurai talks a little bit about All-Star mode for the 3DS, which looks like it will be a little bit more dynamic than in previous entries:

He continues:


In these battles, multiple opponents appear in one stage, and you clear the battle by defeating a number of them. The rest area that appears between battles displays the next opponents and the year the characters made their first appearances, and it also holds recovery items and an occasional reward. The characters you fight against appear pretty much in chronological order. Behold, the history of Nintendo games!!

Masahiro Sakurai has posted the latest Super Smash Bros. for Wii U screenshot, showing Riki from Xenoblade as an Assist Trophy. You can find the image below.