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Hot Wheels developer Mattel has revealed that Metal Mario will be joining the roster of the Mario Kart Hot Wheels collection later this Summer.

Combined with paraglider and all, Metal Mario will be available to purchase from Mattel’s website for $20 starting June 17th. The toy will also be coming to San Diego Comic Con a month later on July 17th. 

A couple more images of Metal Mario can be viewed below.

Mattel has a new partnership in store with Nintendo, though we won’t see the results until next year.

Announced today, Mattel is releasing a Mario Kart-inspired line of Hot Wheels. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Rosalina, Toad, Bowser, and Yoshi are featured.

The Mario Kart Hot Wheels toys will be appearing at Comic-Con this week. Unfortunately, they won’t be ready until June 2019. They’ll be sold for $4.99 each.



At Comic-Con last week, Mattel showed off a Mario Kart version of its Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System. It features a track that can keep Mario and co. on the road while players shoot virtual hazards at each other.

CNET has a report on the toy. According to the site’s article, you can enable “RC Mode” to go off-road. You’ll also hear sounds while racing, including character voices and the same tones played when a race begins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. You’ll also be able to place bananas and fire shells to slow down opponents, but it won’t be possible to see these on the track.

A starter kit will be sold that contains a 26-piece track plus Mario and Yoshi cars will be sold exclusively at Toys “R” Us in October for $135. A kit with Luigi is also releasing during the same month for $25. Bowser and Princess Peach will arrive before the end of 2017.


Nintendo’s tie-in merchandise just keeps coming, as a version of Uno with designs based on the Super Mario series has shown up on Amazon Japan. The cards are set to be released on June 18th, and there is no word of it coming to other territories at the moment.

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Mattel is teaming up with Nintendo for an interesting product collaboration. As discovered by Brazilian toy site T-Hunted, six Hot Wheels cars based on Mario games are on the way.

Four of the designs are inspired by Mario platformers, and feature a Super Mario Bros. 30th anniversary logo. The other two tie into Super Mario Kart and Dr. Mario.

Here’s the full lineup:

8 Crate Delivery (Dr. Mario)
A-OK (Mario Kart)
Cool-One (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Dairy Delivery (Super Mario Bros.)
School Busted (Super Mario 3)
Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (Super Mario World)

All of these Mario Hot Wheels are releasing in October.

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