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Monolith Soft

A couple of more tweets hit the Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter account today. In today’s messages, director Koh Kojima talks about the BLADE home area.

Kojima realizes that the team hasn’t talked much about this aspect of Xenoblade Chronicles X thus far. He says that BLADE will act as the player’s home base both online and offline, and is a location the player will be visiting very frequently in the game. Monolith Soft has prepared various customization options such as the ones they mentioned in previous tweets.


Nintendo Life recently caught up with Hiro Yamada, general coordinator of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. Yamada addressed several topics about the project, including when it began, challenges in porting to New 3DS, why it couldn’t be done on the regular 3DS, use of the two screens for information, and amiibo.

We’ve rounded up the various comments from Yamada below. For those who are interested, the original interview is located here.

Xenoblade Chronicles X producer Koh Kojima tweeted out a few more messages on the game’s Japanese Twitter account today. Kojima briefly discussed the Arms Companies – a feature brand new to this title.

Here’s what was shared:

A word about the Arms Companies, a new feature related to battles that wasn’t in Xenoblade Chronicles. [With this feature] You can enjoy characteristic equipment designs from each company. The companies’ logos and marks were made with the hard work of Monolith Soft’s team of designers. These markings can also be used to slightly customize the B.L.A.D.E. Home area, so please try that out.


In an update added to the Xenoblade Chronicles X website last night, new details were shared regarding the game’s various creatures. Here’s a look at some of the ones you’ll find:

Brass Femina Zeus: A boar-like creature with a firm lump on its head. The male (Brass Zeus) and female versions have different hair and body colors.

Stone Hippo: Has a sharp tusk beneath its jaw. They’re gentle creaters, and can often be seen around bodies of water.

Wood Fontera: Herbivores with a height of over 6 meters. They’re similar to giraffes, as they use their long necks to eat leaves on trees.

Everlast Milesauro: Giant creatures that resemble dinosaurs. They don’t attack humans, and tend to spend their time leisurely.

Lake Rutorl: Live by bodies of water, and have a mammal-like appearance. They also share characteristics of dogs and cats, as they face upwards and roll around.

Quick Strutt: Bird-like bipedal creatures. Similar to ostriches, they have wings but cannot fly. The Quick Strutts live in groups and feed off insects they peck off the ground.

Junior Simius: share the appearance of an ape, but they have four arms to go with their two legs. They often travel in groups, and can occasionally be seen with their giant parents.

Young Lups: fierce carnivores that will even go after other prey while hunting. They’ll also attack humans immediately upon seeing any nearby.

Docile Ois: Small herbivore creatures with a puffy ball on the end of their tails. They like to eat sprouts, and can often be seen living in areas with plenty of greens.

Youth Vasalt: These insect-like creatures have six legs, and use their front legs as sickles. You might occasionally see them using their sickles to dig holes in the ground.

Welkin Lukiora: these giant flying creatures usually travel calmly in the skies. They tend to constantly float around their own territories.

Monolith Soft also touches on the “Overed”, which are like regular monsters but are quite a bit stronger and have unique names. Overed will be featured in some quests, though due to their strong power, you’ll need to be well-prepared before taking them on.


Monolith Soft updated the Japanese Xenoblade Chronicles X website with new screenshots and art. You can find the full set above.