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Monster Hunter 4


Nintendo and Capcom have started distributing a new puzzle in the StreetPass Mii Plaza. If you own a Japanese 3DS, you’ll be able to receive a special Monster Hunter 4 panel. Hopefully we’ll eventually see it overseas!

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Capcom will release a new One Piece collaboration quest for Monster Hunter 4 next week. Players who complete it by defeating a huge Lagombi will receive materials to construct Clima-Tact, the weapon used by Nami in One Piece as well as materials to make Kabuto, Usopp’s weapon. The DLC quest launches on December 23.

Monster Hunter 4 just keeps on trucking. Capcom announced yet another milestone for the game today, as shipments have surpassed four million copies. That figure includes sales of the downloadable version through download cards and the eShop.



Capcom has made a lottttt of money from Monster Hunter 4 thus far. Wondering how the company intends to use those profits?

You probably won’t be too pleased to hear that Capcom plans to invest further in the mobile scene by opening a new studio in Osaka. 4 billion yen will be used – stemming from Monster Hunter 4’s sales – so that the subsidiary can be established.

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Monster Hunter 4 has now sold over three million copies in Japan. The game is selling at a rate of roughly 40,000 copies each week.

Famitsu wrote in its latest issue:

“With the tenth anniversary of the franchise approaching, 2014 should be an even more exciting year for MH than ever before. MH4 continues to generate a lot of attention in the market, and we can expect sales to continue going forward. Going into the holiday season, the newly-improved MH4 will likely have even more of a performance to show us.”

I’m assuming the latest news coming from Famitsu is different from Capcom’s announcement last month. The publisher had announced that Monster Hunter 4 shipments had exceeded three million. Famitsu’s article seems to apply to actual sales rather than shipments.


Monster Hunter 4 has received a new update in Japan. Capcom issued the patch to address issues pertaining to illegal guild quests. By visiting the eShop, players can download the update.


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