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Some music samples have made their way online for the courses released in Mario Kart 8’s first DLC pack. There are quite a few so we’ve placed them after the jump

To celebrate the release of The Wonderful 101’s soundtrack, the Platinum Games blog has been updated with an article from the composers of some of their major franchises. Here’s an excerpt for the piece and as always you can find the link to the full entry here:

Hitomi Kurokawa

Hello everyone, my name is Kurokawa. The soundtrack for The Wonderful 101, the first game I worked on, will be available starting today! I’m speechless! When you spend over a year working on something, you really get emotionally attached. I got really excited when I heard it was going to get a digital release!

The other day I went back and listened to all 127 tracks…wow, that sure is a lot of music. Intense too, especially the second half.

The theme phrase is used in over half the songs, so it is a lot of fun to see how it has been arranged in its various iterations. Before long you’ll be spotting that theme phrase like a champ. To both fans of the game and those of you who have not yet had a chance to play it, I hope you enjoy the music we made and, as you listen, find yourself immersed in the heroic world of The Wonderful 101!