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Nintendo Switch Online

mario golf comparison

Mario Golf debuted on Nintendo Switch Online today, and GameXplain has now put together a graphics comparison that includes Wii U and N64. We first get to see how things stack up between Switch and N64 before moving over to Switch and Wii U.

It’s clear that Mario Golf produces the clearest image on Switch. For one thing, the resolution the highest. The action was also much darker for the Wii U Virtual Console release, which has been fixed this time around.

nintendo switch online auto renewal

After an investigation into auto-renewal practices by the Competition and Markets Authority, Nintendo has made a change to Nintendo Switch Online. Going forward, the service will no longer be sold with automatic renewal set as the default option. Users will now need to turn it on manually after signing up.

Michael Grenfell, executive director of enforcement at the CMA, said in a statement:

splatoon 2 switch icons wave 2

The lineup of Splatoon 2 icons has been refreshed, with Nintendo now offering a second wave.

Splatoon 2 designs were offered as of last week. You’ll notice that the icons include characters, stages, and more. If you have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can redeem them for My Nintendo points. Each one costs either 5 or 10 Platinum Points.

The Expansion Pass tier for Nintendo Switch Online kicked off a few months ago, and we’ve seen a number of classic N64 games added to the service since then. Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Banjo-Kazooie are among the included titles. Mario Golf is also following next week.

Nintendo should continue adding more N64 titles to Switch Online throughout 2022. With that said, what would you like to see on there? Let us know in the comments below.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Nintendo Switch Online icons

Nintendo has just dropped a new set of user icons for Nintendo Switch Online members – this time for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

There are various designs for Kirby himself, but other characters as well. King Dedede, Waddle Dee, and more are available. That’s on top of icons for different locations and general borders. It seems that new batches will be made available on Thursdays.

mario golf nintendo switch online

Mario Golf has been confirmed as the next N64 game for Nintendo Switch Online, with the game now announced to be dropping next week. Those with an active membership in the Expansion Pass tier can begin playing on April 15, 2022.

We’ve been seeing that Nintendo has been releasing one new N64 game per month on Nintendo Switch Online. Last month, F-Zero was made available on the service. Other recent additions include The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s  Mask, Banjo-Kazooie, and Paper Mario.

nintendo switch online icons splatoon 2

Now that the first Monday of April is here, Nintendo Switch Online members can spend points they’ve earned through My Nintendo on Splatoon 2 user icons.

The selection of Splatoon 2 designs will be refreshed each week throughout April. The first wave will be up until April 11. They include characters, layout of stages, and a variety of patterns. 

nintendo switch online Earthworm Jim 2 Dig Dug II Mappy-Land march 2022

Following the release of Earthworm Jim 2, Dig Dug II, and Mappy Land on Nintendo Switch Online last week, new gameplay has emerged. We have 20 minutes of footage of the three titles.

Find out more about the games and check out the footage below:

super mario world super punch out sp

Yesterday’s Nintendo Switch Online update brought along Earthworm Jim 2, Dig-Dug II, and Mappy-Land. In addition to that though, a couple of new SP versions have been added for Super Mario World and Super Punch-Out!!

With Super Mario World, players can see a whole new look for the game – the same as it would be after beating the Special World. As for Super Punch-Out!!, the Championship Edition lets players take on every circuit from the start of the game.

nintendo switch online Earthworm Jim 2 Dig Dug II Mappy-Land march 2022

A new set of SNES and NES games have just been revealed for Nintendo Switch Online as part of a late March 2022 update. The latest round of titles include Earthworm Jim 2, Dig Dug II, and Mappy-Land. It’s a total of one addition for the SNES side of things and two more games for NES. Note that Japan has been given Harvest Moon in place of Earthworm Jim 2.

Learn more about Earthworm Jim 2, Dig Dug II, and Mappy-Land below:

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