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Okami HD

Okami HD screenshots

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Capcom has released a handful of screenshots showing off Okami HD on Switch. View the images in the gallery below.

Capcom has indicated that Okami HD for Switch won’t have a physical version in North America and Europe. But in Japan, the situation is much different.

Japanese Switch fans will in fact be treated to a retail release. The e-Capcom store shows a bunch of different options, featuring a soundtrack CD and more.

It’s unclear what language options will be included in the final game. If English is available, then overseas fans should be able to import a copy without any issues.

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This week’s issue of Famitsu announced that Okami HD is releasing for Switch in Japan on August 9. As it turns out, that date holds true for the west as well.

Capcom has followed up with an announcement for the west today. In both North America and Europe, Okami HD is slated for August 9.

Pre-loading should be live on the eShop soon.


Okami HD is coming to Switch in Japan on August 9, the latest issue of Famitsu confirms.

Pricing is set at 2,990 yen. The Zekkeiban edition will cost 3,990 yen.

We should have a western release date for Okami HD soon, which may fall on the same day.


Okami HD will release on Switch this summer. On Nintendo’s console, Capcom is implementing a couple of unique control schemes.

When playing in portable mode, the touchscreen can be used to draw brushstrokes. You can also use the Joy-Con controller’s motion controls in TV or Tabletop mode by moving it in the desired pattern, just like a paintbrush.

We have a brief video showing the touchscreen functionality below.

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Okami HD Switch trailer

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Capcom has prepared a trailer for the announcement of Okami HD on Switch. Take a look at the video below.