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Paper Mario: Color Splash

GameXplain just concluded a 20-minute live stream for Paper Mario: Color Splash. The full archive with gameplay can be found below.

Update: Here’s another clip showing early gameplay:

GameXplain provides us with the latest look at Paper Mario: Color Splash with the game’s intro and opening cut-scene. Check it out below.

Update: The pre-load option has now been been pulled in North America. Not too surprising!

Last night, we reported that Paper Mario: Color Splash can now be pre-loaded in North America from the Wii U eShop. Nintendo has done this with plenty of the games in the past across both Wii U and 3DS. However, with Color Splash, a major error has been made.

We’re hearing that those who pre-load Paper Mario: Color Splash actually have access to the entire game right now. Obviously, that isn’t supposed to happen as it doesn’t launch until October 7. Those who take advantage of pre-loading usually need to apply a brief update on launch day before they can begin to play.

We’ll let you know if we receive any further updates about the situation.


If you have a North American Wii U console, Paper Mario: Color Splash can now be pre-loaded from the eShop. Nintendo is letting users buy the game and download most of its data ahead of time. When Paper Mario: Color Splash arrives on October 7, only a small update will be needed to begin playing.

I’m wary of eShop listings since then turn out to be a bit inaccurate, but it’s estimated that Paper Mario: Color Splash takes up around 9GB. We also have some screenshots from the listing below.

The final two episodes from the Paper Mario: Color Splash “Rescue V” video series weren’t supposed to go up until the next couple of weeks, but Nintendo of Australia seems to have jumped the gun a bit earlier than expected. Both may be eventually removed, but for now, you can watch them below.

Thanks to KobobKC for the tip.

Nintendo has published a new Paper Mario: Color Splash trailer under the name “A Splash of Mystery”. We’ve gone ahead and shared it below.

Nintendo just released the fifth video in a multi-part series about a squad of toads helping Mario in Paper Mario: Color Splash. We have today’s clip below.

Another round of footage has come in for Paper Mario: Color Splash. We’ve posted a couple of videos below with additional gameplay.

Ahead of launch next month, Nintendo opened the teaser site for Paper Mario: Color Splash. You can visit it here. For now the page has a couple of videos, some screenshots, and a bit of information, but the full-blown site should eventually offer much more.

The European Paper Mario: Color Splash website is now live. To access it, visit this page. You can view some game information, screenshots, and footage.

Speaking of footage, we’ve rounded up the various gameplay clips from the site. Watch it all below.

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