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Pokken Tournament

Update: Added in a higher-quality version of the trailer.

Original: Another new character has been confirmed for the arcade version of Pokken Tournament. However, the roster addition comes as a bit of a surprise. While many expected Empoleon to be announced, Croagunk will instead be joining the fighting title.

Here’s a trailer as shown during a Niconico live stream today:

And some footage:

Croagunk joins Pokken Tournament arcade on November 10.

Another new character will be revealed for the arcade version of Pokken Tournament on November 1. On the official Japanese website, Bandai Namco teased the upcoming news. The announcement will take place during a Niconico stream per usual.

News will drop at roughly the following times:

– 4 AM PT
– 7 AM ET
– 12 PM in the UK
– 1 PM in Europe

Thus far, Darkrai and Scizor have been added to Pokken Tournament in arcades. Both were spotted in update files from the Wii U version several months ago along with Empoleon. Because of that, it’s likely then that Empoleon will be the newest character for Pokken Tournament.


More footage is in showing Scizor in the arcade version of Pokken Tournament, who is the latest character joining Bandai Namco’s fighting. Watch some new gameplay below.

A few days ago, we heard that a new character would be revealed for the arcade version of Pokken Tournament. That mystery addition was just confirmed to be Scizor during a live stream broadcast in Japan.

Here’s a trailer:

And plenty of gameplay:

Darkrai was revealed – and subsequently released – as a new character in the arcade version of Pokken Tournament during the summer. Bandai Namco is now teasing the announcement of another fighter. On October 13, we’ll be hearing something about the latest roster addition.

We do want to stress that this news only pertains to Pokken Tournament in the arcades for the time being. Even though Darkrai was spotted in update files on Wii U, that Pokemon still hasn’t been made available in the console version. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Darkrai and this other new mystery character have been ruled out for Wii U – we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Bandai Namco has announced that the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament has shipped one million units. While this does not mean that it has sold that many copies, it is pretty impressive, especially considering that the game has only been out for five months.

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With Darkrai coming to the arcade version of Pokken Tournament today, new footage of the character is starting to make the rounds. View a video with footage below.

Bandai Namco has released an official set of screenshots showing Darkrai in the arcade version of Pokken Tournament. View them below.

Darkrai has not yet been announced for the Wii U version of Pokken Tournament. However, we do expect news to drop in the future given that a reference to the Pokemon was found in update files.

Following the announcement of Darkrai’s addition to Pokken Tournament, Bandai Namco published an official trailer for the character (plus other things coming to the arcade version). Give it a look below.

Darkrai is coming to Pokken Tournament, Bandai Namco revealed today. The news was made during a live stream to promote content being added to the arcade version on July 20.

Here’s some footage:

While Darkrai’s arrival specifically applies to arcades, it’d be very surprising if the character didn’t end up in the Wii U version. Darkrai, along with Scizor and Empoleon, recently found in the game’s files.