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More than two years after it was initially announced for the west, Radirgy Swag has finally dropped on the North American Switch eShop.

RS34 originally brought Radirgy Swag to the system in June 2019. Dispatch Games then confirmed during the same month that it would handle the overseas launch during the fall. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no news about the release – until today. Without any advance notice, it was just made available on the eShop.

Publisher Mebius and developer RS34 are back with another video for Illmatic Envelope Swamp. This is the second trailer shared for the game.

For those that haven’t been keeping up with our previous coverage, Illmatic Envelope Swamp is a shoot ’em up. It contains over 100 stages that are actually connected. Players can take on nine “Orders” of every stage, as this will let them reach its depths.

Here’s today’s trailer:

Mebius and RS34 have issued a new trailer for Illmatic Envelope Swamp, a new shoot ’em up game for Switch. Check it out below.

Illmatic Envelope Swamp is slated for October 14 in Japan.

It’s been awhile since we last heard about Illmatic Envelope Swamp, RS34’s upcoming shoot ’em up game. This week’s issue of Famitsu reveals a final release date of October 14 in Japan.

RS34 will cost 2,980 yen. Also planned is a physical version with both Illvelo Swamp and Radirgy Swag – the latter of which is already available – for 5,378 yen. Finally, fans will also be able to pick up a limited edition for 8778 yen.


RS34 has announced that Illmatic Envelope Swamp – otherwise known as simply Illvelo Swamp – is in the works for Switch. The shoot ’em up title will arrive this winter in Japan.

Illmatic Envelope Swamp will offer 100 stages in addition to puzzles through stage branching. No other details have been shared up to this point.

Radirgy Swag is coming to Switch, RS34 has announced. A release is planned on the Japanese eShop for June 13. Pricing is set at 2,000 yen.

Radirgy is a shoot ’em up series that has been around since 2005. It has appeared on various platforms, including Wii.

Here’s a look at Radirgy Swag:

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