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SEGA released a new trailer for the arrival of SEGA Ages – Phantasy Star on Switch. Take a look at the video below.

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Following the news that SEGA Ages – Phantasy Star is coming to the Switch eShop on October 31, a handful of screenshots have been released. We have them in the gallery below.

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The next game in the SEGA Ages series has been dated for Switch. Phantasy Star will launch digitally on October 31, SEGA announced today. It was originally scheduled for release in September.

SEGA Ages – Phantasy Star will have a number of features, including a bestiary, item and magic list, and auto-mapping functionality. The item list displays weapons and armor, what characters can equip them, their stats, any unique attributes, and their prices. Additionally, there’s a music player, which is equipped with a built in FM Sound Unit and includes 19 tracks from both the original version and the FM Sound Unit version.


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Following the SEGA Ages presentation at the Tokyo Game Show where Virtua Racing and the results of the most wanted fan poll were announced, Famitsu spoke with the team for a developer interview. The discussion was published on the magazine’s website yesterday.

One of the highlights of the interview was, unsurprisingly, more talk about the possibility of SEGA Ages expanding to Dreamcast on Switch. Here’s what the two said about the subject:

At the Tokyo Game Show a couple of weeks ago, SEGA held a stage show for SEGA Ages. It was here that the next game in the series, Virtua Racing, was announced. The results of the fan popularity poll were also revealed in which Jet Set Radio took the top spot. The presentation had some interesting information that we thought was worth sharing.

SEGA Ages producer Kagasei Shimomura came out and said: “Jet Set Radio coming first in the most-wanted games poll for the SEGA Ages doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll get a port,” but he still wants to “meet fans expectations.” Famitsu attributes its popularity in the poll to composer Hideki Naganuma calling for fans worldwide to vote for it.

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Jet Set Radio

Prior to the Tokyo Game Show, SEGA gave fans the opportunity to vote on the games it wants to see as part of SEGA Ages. During a stage show at the event earlier today, the results were announced.

The fan voting panned out as follows:

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A new game was revealed for the SEGA Ages lineup on Switch during the Tokyo Game Show today. The news was just delivered during a stage show event.

This announcement is quite significant. Many years ago, SEGA and M2 expressed interest in bringing Virtua Racing to 3DS during the SEGA 3D Classics era, but it never panned out. Now the two sides will finally be able to make a digital release possible on Nintendo’s console.

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Switch owners can begin to enjoy some SEGA classics at home or on the go with the SEGA Ages collection on Switch, starting with two titles released this week: “Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Thunder Force IV”. Following this will be steady releases including “Phantasy Star”, “Alex Kidd in Miracle World”, “Gain Ground” and many more.

Last week’s issue of Famitsu has a mini-interview with Rieko Kodama, lead producer and director of SEGA AGES, to offer some insight on upcoming titles. Check out below for our translation.

SEGA has passed along a video showing Sonic the Hedgehog and Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar (known as Thunder Force IV) on Switch under the SEGA Ages line. Check it out below.

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With the first SEGA Ages titles launching for the Nintendo Switch eShop today in Japan, NintenDaan has posted some early footage of the original Sonic the Hedgehog on the platform.

The demonstration shows off a bit of the setting that players may customize their game with, as well as the format of viewing the classic platformer.

Be sure to check out NintenDaan’s footage below.

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