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Sickhead Games

Circuit Dude, a top-down puzzler, makes its way to Switch today. Find some gameplay footage in the video below.

Circuit Dude is being distributed for Switch via the eShop.

Sickhead Games and Jonathan Holmes are bringing the top-town puzzle Circuit Dude to Switch next week, the two sides have announced. A release is planned for September 7.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a trailer:

At E3 2019, GungHo Online Entertainment kindly invited us to their private conference room for a gameplay demo and presentation for Grandia HD Collection coming to Switch. With the game coming out in a few days, we’ve rounded up all the important details and new information below that producer Takeshi Minagawa was able to share with us.

Here’s the full rundown:

GungHo Online Entertainment has confirmed to Nintendo Everything that it worked with an external partner on Grandia HD Collection. Sickhead Games, a company that previously ported Stardew Valley to Switch, is involved with the project.

GungHo told us that Sickhead has been extremely careful with source material. The team used the SEGA Saturn release and new version side-by-side to give great care when making it.

We heard earlier that Stardew Valley would be submitted for approval to Nintendo. Turns out it has indeed been submitted as confirmed by the CEO of Chucklefish on twitter. It’s great to have the official confirmation and now we’re one step closer to Stardew Valley on Switch.

The popular indie farming game Stardew Valley is making its way to consoles, including Wii U. ConcernedApe has revealed that we’ll be seeing it on the eShop in Q4 2016. Chucklefish and Sickhead Games are assisting with the port.

In its announcement post, ConcernedApe mentioned “the possibility of utilizing special console features like the Wii U’s second screen”.

For those who haven’t heard of Stardew Valley previously, the trailer below should give you a good idea as to what it’s about.