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An important piece of Splatoon 2 news was burried in Glixel’s new interview with producer Hisashi Nogami and programming director Shintaro Sato. At one point, Sato spoke about a new mode in the game known as “League Battle”.

Here’s what Sato shared:

“There’s also a new mode in Splatoon 2 called League Battle. This will be a mode that players can play either in groups of two or four, and it will present you with a two-hour period in which your group competes with other groups to see how many points you can earn. Because the results of that League Battle play will be displayed in a ranking at the end of every two-hour period, we can give players goals to strive for, and hope to encourage them to keep competing and pushing.”


Interviews coming out of E3 continue to roll out from E3. The latest one is from Glixel, who spoke with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami and programming director Shintaro Sato. The two weighed in on topics such as the game’s competitive nature and Salmon Run.

As usual, we’ve highlighted some of the noteworthy excerpts below. Head on over here for the full interview.

Nintendo is present at World Hobby Fair 2017 Summer this weekend, and held tournaments for both Splatoon 2 and ARMS. The Splatoon 2 one might be worth watching in particular just for another look at Salmon Run. You can watch everything in the video below.

The Splatoon Twitter account has revealed another new song by the in-universe band “Wet Floor”. The song, “Endolphin Surge”, will be used as BGM in Splatoon 2.

Included in today’s new Switch update are six new icons for Splatoon 2. System owners can use any of them as profile pictures. Take a look at the full set above.


Today, Game Informer put up a lengthy interview with Splatoon 2 producer Hisashi Nogami and lead programmer Shintaro Sato. Plenty was discussed here, including Salmon Run, letting players share art and messages, Splatfests, how much content will be available at launch, why voice chat is limited to friends / other familiar people, and music. There were other topics sprinkled in as well.

We’ve rounded up some of the noteworthy comments from Nogami and Sato below. You can read the full interview on Game Informer here.

During yesterday’s Splatoon 2 Salmon Run segment at Treehouse Live, we got a quick look at some of the weapons that were available to the players, and this confirmed two more returning weapons from the first game: the Jet Squelcher and the Splattershot Jr. We didn’t learn if their sub and special weapons changed compared to the first game, but this is nonetheless good news for fans of those weapons.

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As a small follow-up to last night’s Salmon Run report, you can actually increase the difficulty beyond 100% and go all the way up to 200%. Once you’ve taken on a successful run in this mode, 5% of additional difficulty will be available in your game.

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