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Splatoon’s latest North American Splatfest has drawn to a close. After a day of battling, we now know the winning side of the past vs. future theme.

Team Future was much more popular than Team Past having received 61 percent of the vote. However, since the past side had more wins (55 percent), that led them to victory. The final score was 369 points for Team Past and 331 points for Team Future.


Splatoon’s latest North American Splatfest is now live. In this event, the theme is past vs. future.

The latest Splatfest will run for a full day per usual. After it ends, we’ll have the results on the site soon after.

Splatoon’s tenth North American Splatfest is beginning in less than an hour. In Japan, their latest Splatfest will take place next weekend.

The tenth Japanese Splatfest asks players if they’d prefer a perfect body or a perfect mind. It’ll start at 12 PM on January 23, running for a full day.


The Custom Hydra Splatling is now available in Splatoon. It’s a water-hose like weapon, and the Sprinkler comes with it.

This marks the final weapon addition in Splatoon. In total, 74 weapons are in the game. Do you have a favorite or one that you tend to use above all others?

Splatoon will soon be updated with the Custom Hydra Splatling. Get an early look at the weapon in the video below.

Splatoon’s latest weapon, the Custom Hydra Splatling, is being added to the game tomorrow evening (very early Saturday for those of you in Europe). It should be going live at the following times based on past precedent:

– 6 PM PT
– 9 PM ET
– 2 AM in the UK
– 3 AM in Europe

Nintendo says that this will be the final weapon addition in Splatoon.

View some images of the Custom Hydra Splatling below.


The Play Nintendo YouTube account is continuing its “Super Play Time” video series. Check out the fourth episode below, which again focuses on Splatoon.

Splatoon hasn’t slowed down with its regular weapon additions. Another one has now been added to the game’s lineup: Sloshing Machine Neo. You can find some footage of the weapon in our post here.

Splatoon will soon be updated with the Sloshing Machine Neo. Get an early look at the weapon in the video below.

Splatoon’s next North American Splatfest has been announced for next weekend. Players are asked if they’d prefer to travel to the past or the future.

Nintendo hasn’t listed a start time, but the Splatfest should begin on January 15 at 9 PM ET / January 16 at 12 AM ET. The results will be posted soon after its conclusion.