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Square Enix isn’t done bringing bosses from Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light into Bravely Default.
Belphegor will be available between December 17 and December 19 while Satan is due out between December 20 and December 23.

Square Enix advises players to have a party of at least level 80 before taking on Belphegor. Satan only carries a recommended level of 50.


Bravely Second has a magic academy

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Reports emerging from Japan reveal that Bravely Second will include some kind of magic academy. The prime minister of Lakrika ordered the academy to be built, which is said to be a full town or city. Its location is on the continent of Nadarakes.

Scholars and students from different regions visit the academy to explore and debate new magical theories… and learn a few things as well. The academy is also where new forms of systems and magic are being developed.


The latest issue of V-Jump confirms several new characters for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. Zach from Final Fantasy VII, Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV, plus Yuna, Rikku, and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, and a second version of Lightning from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy will be included. Each character can be unlocked by collecting crystal fragments.

V-Jump also reveals a new track for Curtain Call – Advent: One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Lastly, the game will include a search function so that players can look for songs by name and create a playlist of favorite tunes.

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Binari Sonori worked on the localization for Bravely Default, according to Square Enix. The company has also announced who voiced each of the game’s prominent characters:

Spike Spencer – Ringabel
Erin Fitzgerald – Agnes Oblige
Cassandra Lee Morris – Edea Lee
Stephanie Sheh – Airy
Bryce Papenbrook – Tiz Arrior

Bill Black directed the English voices for Bravely Default. His previous works include World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade, Neverwinter Nights, Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicles, and Demon’s Score.

Famitsu’s full Bravely Second interview with producer Tomoya Asano and character designer Akihiko Yoshida is now available in English. You can find some experts below and the full translation here.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2 details

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Square Enix shared another update on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 earlier this week, which launches in Japan on February. A new round of details are posted below.

– You’ll possibly be able to scout over one of your opponents’ listed monsters
– As your wins go up, you’ll get prizes commiserate with the win total
– Dream Egg item works only if you hang around in StreetPass
– This eggy piece can be found and then placed on display during StreetPass
– The egg hatches into a random monster after you obtain a certain number of StreetPass hits
– Could find a rare monster or a common one
– Can customize your avatar with different costumes
– Give them short messages such as “I’m coming in~” to greet foes
– Players can view your status card
– This shows how far along to completion you are in capturing the various monsters such as the slime families as well as items and other miscellaneous stats


More Bravely Second details

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Another wave of Bravely Second details have come out of this week’s Famitsu. Producer Tomoya Asano and character designer Akihiko Yoshida discussed the game’s various aspects, including:

– Many details haven’t been decided as the game is only 30% complete
– More announcements regarding these will be made later
– Magnolia was made during a scenario brainstorm meeting
– The character was created after the keywords of “people of the moon” and “returnee” came to mind
– The team originally considered giving Magnolia some kind of space outfit and bunny ears
– Eventually decided to go with a character who showed “adultness”
– “Adultness” was a feature lacking in Bravely Default’s characters
– Experience gained from Bravely Default will help the team make a game that is much more polished than before
– The illustrators are currently working on characters and job designs
– Many of them will be quite unexpected

We also have the following quotes from Asano:

“There were actually several concepts, but out of all of them, the idea of ‘surpassing the previous title’ left the biggest impression. We were aware that the previous title was to get fans to like the characters and world, so we decided to have a sequel that takes place several years later, and has more to do with Luxendarc.”

“As we did previously, and for the sake of Japanese RPG fans, we’re developing with the goal to create a new pillar of support for Square Enix, while surpassing the previous title. I believe that it may take a little while longer until you’ll get to play the game, but we’ll be revealing new information little by little, so I hope you continue supporting us while looking forward to what’s coming.”


Akihiko Yoshida, longtime character designer, left Square Enix just recently. Yoshida saw a very long tenure with the company having worked there for close to two decades.

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Yoshida explained why he decided to depart from Square Enix. He also spoke about his commitment to Bravely Default even though he’s moved on.

Yoshida told the magazine:

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