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The first screenshots of Fear Effect Reinvented – a remake of the original PlayStation game – have been posted online. We have the set below.

Fear Effect Reinvented will be playable for the first time at Paris Games Week starting tomorrow. It’s possible that we’ll get our first proper footage, so we’ll be on the lookout for any gameplay videos.


Goetia footage

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With Goetia approaching its release on Switch next week, some footage has come in. Get a look at over 20 minutes of gameplay below.

According to a new listing on the European Switch eShop, Goetia is making its way to Switch on April 26. Forever Entertainment will be handling publishing duties.

Goetia is a point-and-click adventure title that has players taking on the role of Abigail, the ghost of a young lady. Being a ghost affords you the ability to move through walls and ceilings, as well as manipulate objects by possessing them. The ultimate goal is to find out what led to the downfall of Blackwood Manor.

We have more information about Goetia below plus a trailer.

Fear Effect Sedna will be released on Switch tomorrow. Here’s some gameplay from the title, specifically the first 52 minutes:

Square Enix Collective and Sushee today announced that Fear Effect Sedna is launching on March 6 for Switch at a price of $19.99 / €19.99/ £15.99. The game comes nearly two decades after the franchise’s original debut.

Fear Effect Sedna has been co-written by the series’ original writer and takes Hana, Rain, Glas, Deke, and new character Axel into the world of Inuit mythology. It offers a third-person isometric perspective and a mix of action, stealth, and puzzle-solving gameplay with animated cut-scenes, including the classic death cut-scenes from the original titles.

Fear Effect Reinvented, a remake of the PlayStation original, was announced for Switch not too long ago. That won’t be the only Fear Effect game on the system, however.

As was announced on Twitter today, Fear Effect Sedna is coming to Switch. It should be available in early 2018.

We have more information about Fear Effect Sedna below, along with a video.

An interesting announcement was made earlier today. The PlayStation game Fear Effect is receiving a remake, and it’s coming to Switch.

GamesIndustry caught up with a few people involved following the announcement. The site spoke with Sushee CEO Benjamin Anseaume, creative director Thibaut Romaggi, and Square Enix London indie development director Phil Elliot. They all touched on why the remake is happening, and their approach to the project.

Read some comments from Anseaume, Romaggi, and Elliot below. The full interview is located on GamesIndustry here.

Square Enix has announced today that Fear Effect Reinvented will be released on the Switch in 2018. This is a remake of Fear Effect, which was originally released on the PlayStation in 2000. The game is being developed by Sushee, who successfully Kickstarted a new Fear Effect sequel a while back. However, that game, Fear Effect Sedna, is currently not coming to the Switch.

Reinvented aims to keep the spirit of the original game alive by keeping some key features, like the fixed camera angles, but also making sure the game is up to today’s standards with improved visuals and controls.  Watch the trailer for it below: