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People have been picking apart the latest Zelda: Twilight Princess HD footage from yesterday’s Nintendo Minute. GameXplain has another video up, this time showing faster animations and improved load times. Check out the comparisons in the video below.

Another interesting tidbit has been spotted in yesterday’s Zelda: Twilight Princess HD footage from Nintendo Minute. In the game, players will have access to a new type of lantern item (different from the standard lantern) – possibly one for Poes.

GameXplain speculates that the lantern could be used to spot Poes while in human form. In the original Twilight Princess, you needed to be Wolf Link while using his sense view. Being able to track down Poes with the lantern could make things much more convenient.

GameXplain has a lengthy video comparing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii U to the original versions based on yesterday’s Nintendo Minute footage. Check it out below.

This week’s Nintendo Minute went up earlier tonight. It was somewhat as a surprise, as the episode featured entirely new footage from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Two more tidbits about the game were shared in the video.

First, Kit and Krysta stated explicitly that you can now transform into Wolf Link by simply tapping the GamePad. You won’t need to talk to Midna to make this happen, making things more convenient compared to the original release on Wii and GameCube. It was also shown that you can touch the GamePad again to easily switch back into Link’s normal form.

Later in the video, you can clearly see Krysta moving the GamePad to aim the Clawshot. Gyroscope aiming was sort of a given based on the amiibo trailer (not to mention that it was in Wind Waker HD), but it’s nice to see it in action!

Thanks to Jeffery F for the tip.

Another screenshot from Twilight Princess HD was added to the Japanese Twitter account for Zelda today. You can find it above, and we have a translated message from “Malo” below.

“…It’s Malo. While in human form, you can do various techniques with the sword and shield, use things like arrows and bombs, and even attack while being mounted on a horse!? …Hey you… don’t push yourself too hard. Humans are still alive even if they have a weakness or two, aren’t they?”


Nintendo has uploaded a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD highlighting amiibo functionality.

For the most part, the video recaps what we already knew. Using the Wolf Link amiibo unlocks the Cave of Shadows (final name), which has players taking on waves of enemies. We also have clarification on saving with the figure. Today’s trailer mentions: “You can save a record of your remaining hearts to the Wolf Link amiibo and attempt to beat your score whenever you want.” I suppose our theory from earlier today about checkpoints was too ambitious, and this does make the most sense!

Link and Toon Link amiibo restore arrows, as was mentioned in Famitsu’s report. The Zelda figure restores hearts, and Ganondorf provides a challenge with extra damage (this lasts until your session ends or are defeated). Oh, and we still don’t know how the Wolf Link amiibo ties into Zelda Wii U.

Thanks to shinun and Mucrush for the tip.

In addition to new amiibo information, this week’s Famitsu article on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD contains another set of screenshots. We’re able to see the inventory screen for the first time (shown above, blurry after making it bigger), and it contains an interesting secret.

The very last box has an icon… but not an ordinary icon. This is actually the very same image used for Miiverse stamps. So while not officially announced by Nintendo, Twilight Princess HD should make use of those. Listings for the collector’s edition guide have also teased Miiverse functionality.

The inventory screen itself has seen a revision since the original release of Twilight Princess. Here’s what it looks like on GameCube (image via Zelda Wiki):


Thanks to Jake for the tip.

The latest details about amiibo support in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD leaked out of Famitsu yesterday. Now that we have the issue for ourselves, we have even more information about how different figures work in the game.

First, we have additional news about the Ganondorf amiibo in Twilight Princess HD. After scanning it, you’ll receive twice the amount of damage as you normally would. You’ll know the effect has taken place when Link’s hearts bar changes from red to blue. Also, unlike other amiibo which can be only used once per day, it looks like Ganondorf can be scanned as many times as you like. This is partially speculation, but this might be because the effect has a time limit and wears off after awhile.


Update (1/19): Bumped to the top. This is now at a bigger discount – $16 instead of $7.

Original (1/16): Prima’s guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD can now be pre-ordered on Amazon. You can reserve the collector’s edition here, and standard version here. If you pre-order the first one, you can save $7.

Our Canadian friends can pre-order here. If you’re in the UK, visit this link. There don’t appear to be any savings, however.

Here’s a look at the standard guide’s cover by the way:


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD appears to be in this week’s Famitsu once again. While last week’s article was only a recap of the game as a whole, the latest issue touches on some new features. Leaks stemming from Famitsu talk about amiibo functionality.

Using the Wolf Link amiibo at a certain place will allow you to play “Thorough Battle: Trial of the Beast” (perhaps this is the Twilight Cave we heard about last week). If you clear this while owning the “Giant Wallet”, you’ll earn the “Bottomless Wallet”. This lets you hold up to 9,999 Rupees, compared to Giant Wallet’s maximum of 1,000. The leak also mentions something about how Link’s health inside normal dungeons can be recovered by the amount of hearts you preserved in the exclusive dungeon (which I assume is this one).

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