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Tatsumi Kimishima

The Q&A session with Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima from the recent Final Results Briefing is now available in English – it can be found here.

We’ve already covered the major areas, but it’s still worth a read.



Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima took on a number of investor questions during Nintendo’s financial results briefing a few days ago. One of the more interesting responses came about towards the end of the event. Most of what the question asked is over my head and there will be an official translation in a few days, but it was essentially about the next financial period, and how Wii U and 3DS factors into that.

Kimishima starts off by reiterating a key point from his presentation: the spread amount of 3DS systems is 20 million units domestically, and 54 million units worldwide. This means Nintendo’s handheld had a big chance to obtain profits from software as well. As for what lies ahead in the next period, Kimishima said development on software continues, including large-scale titles that can’t be announced just yet. He believes that the 3DS will remain a big pillar in the next period.

Cheesemeister3k has translated one more excerpt from the Q&A portion of Nintendo’s latest financial results briefing. When asked about his strategy as president, Tatsumi Kimishima said:

Kimishima: Yes, when I became President, I said that it was my role to continue the strategy established under the prior management. From this point, we need young people to come in as a new generation and give lots of new ideas. It’s important to create an organization in which they can thrive. To do so, we’ve established a system in which many people with potential can play active roles. It may be hard to see from outside the company, but our organization has changed greatly. We also want more game developers to become known, so we’ll be sending more out to be public-facing. As for strategy, our hardware/software game business is central, but we’re integrating smart device activities into our actual business, and will derive synergies between them. My Nintendo is an important part of that. We want to create connections with customers by having them become My Nintendo members. Also, although QOL wasn’t asked about we’re not at the stage for the sleep and fatigue [sensor] to become a product, so it won’t be released (as a product) by March. We do, however, think that we can do something in the area of QOL, so we will continue to consider expanding into this field.


A few hours ago, Nintendo published a transcript of the Q&A from its financial results briefing earlier today. It’s not up in English yet, but Cheesemeister3k translated some of the comments.

Below are a couple of questions and answers pertaining to mobile and NX:

Q1. More than a game, Miitomo could be called a communication-themed app. Please tell me about the remaining 4 titles due by March 2017.

Kimishima: Again, there are no limits on usage of IP for smart device titles. We must consider how to make and time console and smart device titles in order to achieve synergy. We are also thinking about developing things not linked to existing consoles. I think it’s extremely important because we’re Nintendo to connect smart device apps and console games in some form. The next title we’re making uses Nintendo’s character IP, so please look forward to it. We’ll announce it at the right time in the future.

Q2. Will games and apps from the 2nd title onward share release timing and business synergy on smart devices and NX, or when might that be?

Kimishima: First, we have no plans to talk about the NX today. I believe your question fundamentally has to do with NX. Our consoles include 3DS and Wii U in addition to NX, so future titles have to do with these platforms. However, we are planning new ways of on smart devices. We cannot announce any new information on the NX at this point, so you get this kind of answer. Please understand.


This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Launching alongside My Nintendo, we will release Miitomo as our first smart device application.

Miitomo is an entertainment application which turns communication among friends into a form of “play.” After the release, we hope many will wonder why this sort of app had never existed before.

In Miitomo, your “Mii” look-alike character appears as your “alternate self” within your smart device.
All of you must have had the enjoyable experience of being prompted by a friend to talk about something that you might not normally bring up in the course of your conversation. Mii characters facilitate this kind of social play structure with Miitomo.
Unlike most communication apps, with which you are supposed to proactively dispatch your message, in Miitomo, talkative Mii characters will automatically spark unique conversations and help friends connect on random, fun and light-hearted topics.
I believe you will experience a fresh new feeling with Miitomo.


More than 200 million Mii characters have been created around the world and have been appreciated by many people, regardless of age, gender, country or region.
Miis are unique characters who act in very “Nintendo-like” ways with rich facial expressions.


Also, Miitomo comes with a feature called “Miifoto” with which you can create and share various pictures with Mii characters.
The pictures created with Miifoto can be stored on your smart device and can be shared with various social media networks, so these pictures can be used beyond gaming.
Quite a few consumers have used their Mii in their profile picture of various social networks. We hope more people will enjoy Miitomo to use Mii in such fashions as well.


Miitomo is an application that is highly reliant on language, as it introduces a fun new style of communication. We think there will be a variety of different ways that people in different countries speaking different languages will enjoy this app.
As such, we will start by releasing Miitomo in these 16 countries, and as we receive feedback from our consumers about their experiences and establish customer support structures, we will gradually increase the number of available countries for Miitomo.


Before Miitomo is released in March, Nintendo will start accepting the pre-registration of the app from February 17.
You will need your Nintendo Account to pre-register.
Anyone who pre-registers for Miitomo will receive Platinum Points via My Nintendo, and will be notified on Miitomo’s launch day so that they can download immediately.
We will start this pre-registration for Miitomo not just in Japan but in all 16 countries where the app will initially be released.
(Note: Outside Japan, Nintendo Account registration starts simultaneously on February 17, with the start of pre-registration of Miitomo, in all the countries where My Nintendo services will be formally started in March.)


Miitomo will be released on iOS and Android.
We will release Miitomo in Japan in mid-March and in the other 15 countries by the end of March.
The services of My Nintendo that I mentioned earlier today will also be formally started simultaneously along with the release of Miitomo.


This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

And now, I would like to dicuss Nintendo’s new membership service and our new business on smart devices.

We will globally start the new membership service called “My Nintendo” this March.

My Nintendo is Nintendo’s comprehensive service that all consumers with a Nintendo Account can access.

My Nintendo will offer services which make Nintendo’s game experiences even more fun and more convenient, and that provide enhanced value for members.

We are planning to provide similar services for the new entertainment experiences that Nintendo will offer beyond gaming in the future.

This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

Next, I would like to talk about the status of download sales.

This graph shows download sales from the latest three fiscal years through the third quarter of this fiscal year.

Total download sales from the first quarter to the third quarter totaled 30.5 billion yen. This increase is mainly due to add-on content inside games.

Without including the upcoming fourth quarter results, we are already close to achieving sales of the previous fiscal year total.


This is the breakdown of download sales by region through the third quarter of the previous fiscal year and this fiscal year. You can see that the sales figures for each region exceeded those of the previous fiscal year. Especially significant is the growth rate of The Americas ? the yellow part of the graph.

The Americas accounts for around half, followed by Japan and Europe.


This slide shows top selling download titles excluding download versions of packaged software.
In particular, add-on content for Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 made large contributions.
We will continue to release attractive add-on content maximizing features of each software title since they help maintain software usage rate and keep the title at the center of conversation.


This information comes from Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima…

This graph shows the comparison between the Nintendo 3DS hardware sell-through numbers from 2014 (calendar year) and 2015 (calendar year) in the Japanese market.

In 2014, we were able to invigorate the market a little earlier than last year-end sales season with the launch of New Nintendo 3DS and the release of titles such as Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. On the other hand, in 2015, despite a little late start off compared to the previous year, we saw a hardware-driving effect of software such as CAPCOM?CO LTD.’s Monster Hunter X (Cross), and there was momentum as strong as the previous year in the year-end sales season growth.

During Nintendo’s financial results briefing today, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima delivered an update about My Nintendo.

The My Nintendo point program will begin in March in 39 countries. There will be Platinum Points like the prior Club Nintendo and Gold Points for coupons. My Nintendo is starting with a points program, coupon, emails, and web downloads. It’ll expand to friends list, cloud data, and in-store.

Kimishima also reiterated that the first goal is to quickly have 100 million people registered with My Nintendo.

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Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima shared a small update on the company’s quality of life initiative during a press conference earlier today. The device intended to measure sleep quality was originally planned for March, but was moved to April or beyond due to development lagging behind.

Kimishima shared a tiny tidbit about the 3DS as well. He mentioned that the system had trouble raising sales during the year-end holiday season, though digital download games and amiibo figures sold favorably.


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