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The Alliance Alive

Atlus has announced that The Alliance Alive is scheduled for March 27 in the west. North America will be receiving a physical launch edition containing a copy of the game, collector’s box, art book, CD soundtrack, and keychain. The Alliance Alive appears to be digital-only in Europe.

Along with today’s news, we also have a new character trailer for The Alliance Alive. The video, shown below, introduces the party Daemon characters. We have the following overview:

Today, Atlus unveiled The Alliance Alive Launch Edition for the Americas. Copies will include a copy of the game, an exclusive CD soundtrack with 20 tracks, an art book with over 30 pages of illustrations, and a Robbins penguin keychain.

We also have a new trailer for The Alliance Alive below. It’ll teach you about some of the brave humans who are fighting together against the evil daemons that have taken over the world.

Source: Atlus PR

In its first week in Japan, The Alliance Alive sold around 25,000 – 30,000 copies. That may not seem like a lot, but FuRyu had realistic expectations. The RPG wasn’t overshipped as Dengeki reports that The Alliance Alive sold through 70 percent of its initial shipment.

The Legend of Legacy, FuRyu’s last 3DS RPG, saw first week sales of 53,974. It also sold through 83 percent of its initial shipment. The Alliance Alive has sold less so far, but it could have longer legs as the player reception has been more favorable this time around.


Tons of The Alliance Alive footage

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The Alliance Alive is now available in Japan. Hours of footage is in from the likes of Famitsu, with their video posted below.

Thanks to V Jump, we have a good look at FuRyu’s new 3DS RPG The Alliance Alive, a spiritual successor to The Legend of Legacy. View a bunch of footage below.

The Alliance Alive commercial #2

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FuRyu published a new commercial for its 3DS RPG The Alliance Alive. Check it out below.

The Alliance Alive is the next 3DS RPG from FuRyu following The Legend of Legacy. Famitsu spoke with director Masataka Matsuura and design lead Kyoji Koizumi as part of a very in-depth interview to talk more about the game.

Some people have said that The Alliance Alive was to be a spiritual successor to The Legend of Legacy, or that The Alliance Alive is a new RPG made based on the lessons learned from The Legend of Legacy. However, Matsuura says there is a bit of misunderstanding.

FuRyu updated the website for The Alliance Alive once again with new details about the RPG’s characters. Some of the information was previously divulged through Famitsu, but we have some extra characters and tidbits. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Princess Yukiha

– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 17
– Young girl who serves as head of Shiramine Castle
– Now the head of the family following the death of her father
– Kind-hearted girl who is considerate of her vassals and citizens
– Determined to fight to protect them, but she has yet to come up to speed with being a young lord
– Strong sense of justice
– As a hard worker has earned great trust from the people


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 70

– Senior minister who has served the castle since the era of the previous head
– Supports Princess Yukiha by her side
– Was in charge of educating Princess Yukiha when she was small, and is considered part of the family


– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 56
– Experienced samurai
– Sword master known as the “Holy Sword” in the era of the previous head of Shiramine Castle
– After his daughter died in battle, he fell to despair and retired from active duty
– Now has left behind his sword and spends his time at the bar everyday


– Race: Penguin
– Gender: Male
– Age: Unknown

– Male penguin with a wife and three children
– Has an unheard-of personality, always considering himself to be the person that attracts the most attention
– Likes sashimi the most out of all foods

Star Hierarch

– Race: Human
– Gender: Male
– Age: 52

– Religious leader who rules over the crystal world city of Eschtorm
– Descendant of a family of prophets who speak to the stars and predict the future
– Known as the “Star Hierarch”
– Inherited the responsibilities of his ancestors


– Race: Human
– Gender: Female
– Age: 28
– Woman who belongs to the “Dragon Guard” that serves the Star Hierarch of the crystal world
– Powerful person who serves as a commanding officer
– Can control her flying dragon “Faflazard,” who she often uses

New footage has emerged for The Alliance Alive. Take a look at a video below containing just over a half hour of footage.

The Alliance Alive is FuRyu’s next 3DS RPG following The Legend of Legacy. In this week’s Famitsu, it’s explained how the two games differ.

World Setting

In The Legend of Legacy, the game takes place entirely on one island named Avalon, which only has one city known as Initium. Dungeons are scattered all over the island, and the objective is to find relics of the gods.

However, with The Alliance Alive, an entire human world is split into numerous zones, each of which has unique developments with the demon clan ruling over humans. When the nine protagonists from the separated zones gather, it will mark the beginning of an adventure to unveil the world’s hidden mystery.