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To All Mankind

This week’s issue of Famitsu provides an update on To All of Mankind. Sukhaya Shuka, who is voiced by Yuki Yagi, will be distributed as a downloadable content character. Pricing is set at 500 yen.

Famitsu mentions that Sukhaya is a half-Japanese, half-Russian exchange student who loves space. Those who buy the DLC will receive clues to understand the mysteries of the world midway into the game.

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Nippon Ichi has confirmed that they are delaying the release of To All Mankind to June 27th in Japan.

Launch of the Akihabara-set survival title is being pushed back to accommodate “various quality improvements”, according to the company. The game was previously slated to release on May 30th.

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Following up on some new details that were released yesterday, Nippon Ichi has posted another trailer for the survival title To All Mankind.

The footage draws a large focus onto the main cast of girls in the game, and showcases more of a type of post-apocolyptic Akihabara setting.

Those interested can view the video below.

Nippon Ichi has shared new information in regards to their upcoming adventure game To All Mankind.

Specifically, the developer addresses how the game is played, as well as giving a look at life for the characters in the setting of Akihabara.

The full translated details from Gematsu can be viewed below.

Nippon Ichi released the first trailer for their upcoming adventure game To All Mankind today:

The video doesn’t really reveal anything new beyond what we’ve seen in the pre-release material up until now. However, Nippon Ichi also updated the game’s website with a whole bunch of new information on the characters and gameplay (credit goes to Gematsu for the translation):

Nippon Ichi Software has released the boxart for its survival adventure game To All Mankind, which we have above. You can also access the new Japanese website here.

To All Mankind launches May 30 in Japan.

Preview images of the latest issue of Famitsu have revealed that Nippon Ichi Software and Acquire are working together on a new adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch. Titled “To All Mankind”, the game stars five women and is set in the ruins of Tokyo’s Akihabara district. 

We will have more details once we have the full issue of Famitsu tomorrow, including why Akihabara is in a ruined state and more gameplay details.

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