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The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

PS4 – 65,685
3DS LL – 26,027
Vita – 21,581
PS3 – 13,155
3DS – 11,986
Wii U – 8,204
PSP – 3,652
Vita TV – 1,543
Xbox 360 – 257

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

PS4 – 309,154
3DS LL – 22,253
Vita – 16,857
PS3 – 9,983
3DS – 9,898
Wii U – 8,407
PSP – 3,171
Vita TV – 1,383
Xbox 360 – 241

Several months following the game’s launch, Call of Duty: Ghosts players on Wii U can finally pick up a piece of DLC.

“Free Fall”, an extra map offered to users on other platforms as a pre-order bonus, can now be downloaded from the eShop. Activision made the DLC available to Call of Duty: Ghosts owners on other consoles as well today.

Free Fall is completely free to download. If you have the game, you have nothing to lose by downloading it!

Veteran Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe and Retro Studios CEO Michael Kelbaugh have both weighed in on why the Big N is against putting its games on mobile devices.

Tanane told GameSpot that translating the controls available with traditional games is “a really, really difficult task.” Also, when all is said and done, “I want Nintendo games to be played on Nintendo hardware,” he stated.

Tanaba’s quotes in full:

Shuuhou Imai, director of the Tokyo Majin Gakuen series and Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai, plans on announcing a new game for the 3DS this week.

Imai wrote on his blog:

“Even though we finished working on Yuugekitai, what with making Yugekiwalker and following the progress of other projects, it’s like there’s no time to relax. Rather than thinking about being able to take any holidays during Obon, I was worried about launching it in time.”

“Also, this week I’ll be able to release information about the new 3DS game that I wrote about previously, the one I wrote and directed.”

It doesn’t seem like we’ll be seeing Imai’s reveal in Famitsu, as news from the magazine has already leaked without word on the title. Still, we’re just a matter of days away from the official announcement.

Source, Via 1, Via 2

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze allows for local cooperative play, but the game doesn’t offer an online option. Speaking with GameSpot, Retro Studios CEO Michael Kelbaugh said the team did not wish to “shoehorn” the functionality in.

He said:

“If we’re going to create an online component for Donkey Kong, we really need to do it right and not shoehorn in, ‘Oh, let’s play Dixie remotely.’ That just wasn’t an objective for Tropical Freeze. So if we were really go back and create an online environment, I think we owe it to the fans to do it better than just making online co-op. We really need to put some thought and resources into doing it the right way.

“If we were to make a full online experience, I’d want to spend time to do it and make sure that we stay true to the franchise and incorporate this new feature in the right way. And I’m not sure that this game is the right way to start Donkey Kong Country Online [laughs]. I’m really a purist at heart, especially when it comes to Donkey Kong Country, and I’d want to approach it the right way.”

Along with today’s screenshot, Sakurai passed along the following message on Miiverse:

The Bumper is back with a detailed new design. This also means there will be no Flippers.

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Wii U Retail Download

– Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Namco Bandai, €44.99 / £36.99)

Wii U Virtual Console

– Renegade (Arc System Works, €4.99 / £3.49)

“Luigi” Special Offers

– New Super Luigi U (Nintendo, €14.99 / £13.49 until 13th March, normally €19.99 / £17.99)
– Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, €2.49 / £1.74 until 13th March, normally €4.99 / £3.49)
– Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros. (Nintendo, €31.99 / £27.99 until 13th March, normally €39.99 / £34.99)
– Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo, €2.49 / £1.74 until 13th March, normally €4.99 / £4.49)

3DS Downloads

– Tappingo (Goodbye Galaxy Games, $2.99)
– Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger (Microvalue, €4.99 / £4.49)

3DS Retail Download

– Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Namco Bandai, €34.99 / £28.49)
– Life With Horses 3D (Treva Entertainment, €29.99 / £24.99)

3DS eShop Temporary Discount

– The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves (Genius Sonority, €6.99 / £6.29 until 13th March, normally €9.99 / £8.99)
– Football Up 3D (EnjoyUp Games, €3.49 / £2.99 until 3rd April, normally €6.99 / £5.99)
– SpeedX 3D (Gamelion, €2.10 / £1.89 until 1st May, normally €2.99 / £2.69)
– Monster Shooter (Gamelion, €2.10 / £1.99 until 3rd April, normally €6.99 / £6.29)
– 3D Game Collection (Joindots, €5.99 / £5.99 until 27th March, normally €13.99 / £11.99)
– Funfair Party Games (Joindots, €6.99 / £6.99 until 27th March, normally €19.99 / £17.99)
– Gardenscapes (Joindots, €5.99 / £5.99) until 27th March, normally €14.99 / £14.99)
– 3D Mahjongg (Joindots, €3.99 / £3.29 until 27th March, normally €4.99 / £4.49)
– Jewel Match 3 (Joindots, €5.99 / £4.99 until 27th March, normally €6.99 / £5.99)
– Murder on the Titanic (Joindots, €5.99 / £4.99 until 27th March, normally €14.99 / £14.99)
– Secret Agent Files: Miami (Joindots, €6.99 / £5.79 until 27th March, normally €7.99 / £6.99)

3DS eShop Permanent Discounts

– Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns (Rising Star Games, €19.99 / £17.99, was €29.99 / £24.99)
– Beyblade: Evolution (Rising Star Games, €19.99 / £19.99, was €29.99 / £29.99)
– Girls’ Fashion Shoot (Rising Star Games, €19.99 / £19.99, was €29.99 / £29.99)
– Crazy Kangaroo (Gamelion, €1.99 / £1.89, was €2.99 / £2.69)


– Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (1st Playable Productions, 800 Nintendo Points)


Moon Chronicles could eventually make its way to the Wii U, depending on how successful the 3DS version is.

Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham told NintendoWorldReport that the studio has considered the shooter for Nintendo’s hardware, but it “would only happen if the 3DS version is a runaway hit”. The company would need to be able to “afford to invest in a complete visual upgrade to take advantage of the increased graphical power offered by the Wii U.”

Watsham’s comments in full:

Our thoughts have always been primarily on the 3DS version, but we have discussed a Wii U version. That is something that would only happen if the 3DS version is a runaway hit so we could afford to invest in a complete visual upgrade to take advantage of the increased graphical power offered by the Wii U.


USGamer has a few new quotes from Nintendo’s Kensuke Tanabe and Retro’s Michael Kelbaugh. Between the two, they commented on tutorials, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and the possibility of returning to Metroid one day. You’ll find a roundup of the quotes below.

Nintendo has provided a new look at yet another track in Mario Kart 8. Below, you’ll find a couple of new images featuring Twisted Mansion.