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We have more encouraging Nintendo-related news from the May 2014 NPD report.

First, we’re hearing that Wii U hardware sales rose by over 85 percent last month. That was with Mario Kart 8 being on the market for just two days.

Additionally, Nintendo says that the 3DS was the second best-selling system in May.

As reported by journalist Ian Sherr:

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NPD Group has released a listing of the top ten best-selling games in the U.S. for the month of April 2014. The results can be found above.


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Polygon has published a few new quotes from Yosuke Hayashi, development producer of Hyrule Warriors. Hayashi discussed the mixture of the Zelda franchise and Dynasty Warriors series, and Zelda herself being playable in the game. Head past the break for his remarks.

“We look[ed] for actions, Zelda-like actions or actions that players would know from Zelda games and figure out ways to put them into what they’re doing within Hyrule Warriors. So they’re not puzzles, but you still want to open up a treasure chest. You don’t pick things up to take them to another place to solve a puzzle, but you can pick up a bomb and throw bombs. And we have the sounds that players are familiar with, little elements here and there that make it feel like a natural Zelda game, but gameplay-wise it still fits within the Dynasty Warriors franchise style.”

Nintendo-related E3 interviews continue to pop up online. The latest comes from TIME, who spoke further with Shigeru Miyamoto. We see more thoughts from Miyamoto regarding Virtual Reality, system updates for Wii U, and more.

You can find a few excerpts below. Alternatively, check out TIME’s full interview here.

In the latest issue of GamesTM, the magazine caught up with four developers such as Image & Form and Dakko Dakko to discuss the Wii U’s initial struggles and how the console has moved forward. Look for their comments below.


Virtual Console news was noticeably absent from E3 last week. Aside from new title confirmations from Capcom and Natsume, there just wasn’t much there.

As part of an E3 interview with Kotaku, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime reaffirmed that Nintendo’s commitment to the service “is exceptionally strong.” He also explained, “there is significant work to take a game that was launched on a previous platform and make it compatible on the current platform”.

You can find all of Reggie’s comments about the Virtual Console below.

This week’s UK software sales are as follows:

Individual Formats

All formats

The newly announced Mii fighters operate a bit differently to traditional Smash Bros. characters thanks their customization options and today Sakurai explains a bit more about that:

Here are some weapons the Mii Swordfighter can use: Shurikens of Light, Chakrams, and Gale Strikes. You can control the direction the Chakram is thrown, or even make it stall in midair. The Chakram is also the only one of these tied to the side special move, so you can use one of the other items consecutively with this one.

Nintendo had a pretty great E3 this year. Austin and I react to more of the news, including Splatoon, Star Fox Wii U, Zelda Wii U, Hyrule Warriors, and more!

Part 1 here:

Thanks for listening, and we’ll hopefully be back with another Just a Chat soon!

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With the upcoming Zelda game for Wii U, producer Eiji Aonuma wants to provide players with “a little more freedom to choose their path the story takes.”

Aonuma told GenGAME:

The impact of the player character on the environment that has been, and really, having the player experience the impact, is something that is consistent through all versions of the Zelda games, but I want to continue to have players experience that and even build upon that experience. In traditional Zelda games there is kind of an order in which you do things. You can’t do 3 until you do 1 and 2 for example. But with the new Zelda game, I really want to open the opportunities up for the players to really make an impact on their environment and to give them a little more freedom to choose their path the story takes.

Lots of little interesting comments and teases from Aonuma over the past week. It’ll be neat to see how everything comes together!