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Ahead of tomorrow’s release, Unpacking has received a new gameplay video on Switch. 45 minutes of footage is live in the new video.

Here’s some information about the game:

Ahead of tomorrow’s launch, publisher Humble Games and developer Witch Beam have shared a launch trailer for the zen puzzle game Unpacking.

Unpacking was confirmed for Switch back in June. In September, the final release date was confirmed.

Here’s some information about Unpacking:

Publisher Humble Games and developer Witch Beam recently released a developer diary for Unpacking, their upcoming zen puzzle game. The behind-the-scenes video explores the game’s origins and development.

Here’s an overview of Unpacking ahead of the game’s release:

Unpacking, the zen puzzle title from publisher Humble Games and Assault Android Cactus+ developer Witch Beam, has earned a final release date. It’s lined up for launch on November 2, the two sides announced this week.

Learn more about Unpacking with the following overview:

Assault Android Cactus+ developer Witch Bean has announced that its upcoming project Unpacking, a zen puzzle game, is in the works for Switch. The title is tentatively planned for 2021.

We have the following overview and trailer for Unpacking: