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Digital Extremes has passed along a fact sheet for the new Switch version of Warframe. The developer goes over what’s included at launch and what’s planned for the future, how voice chat is handled, migrating accounts from PC, and more.

Here’s the full fact sheet:

Update: The original video has been removed, but we’ve added in an approved clip below.

Original: New footage has emerged from Warframe on Switch, which launches next week. Get a look at a few minutes of gameplay below.

During a live stream earlier today, Digital Extremes gave a brand new – albeit short – look at Warframe running on Switch. Get a look at the off-screen footage below.

Warframe launches for Switch on November 20.

Digital Extremes has passed along a few screenshots showing off Warframe on Switch. Get a look at the images below.

Warframe comes to Switch on November 20.

Digital Extremes surprised everyone last weekend by announcing Warframe for Switch. Panic Button, who has significant porting experience with the platform, is bringing this one over.

When Warframe does come to Switch, it won’t support cross-platform play. This isn’t just a Switch thing, as it’s the case on other platforms as well. However, Digital Extremes isn’t ruling out the feature entirely for the future.

The free-to-play cooperative online action game Warframe is coming to Switch, Digital Extremes announced at TennoCon today. Panic Button, who previously ported Doom, Wolfenstein II, and Rocket League to Nintendo’s console, is working on the release.

Here’s the full announcement and trailer:

Digital Extremes isn’t committing to a Switch version of Warframe. However, the studio isn’t ruling out the possibility either.

Express asked Digital Extremes CEO Sheldon Carter about the possibility of bringing the co-op action game to the system. Carter had plenty of praise for the device and the team is “looking at and examining possibilities”, though there are no concrete plans.