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Ahead of its release tomorrow, French YouTube channel Le Creeper Gamer has another 26 minutes of footage up from LEGO City Undercover on Switch. Watch the gameplay below.

LEGO Dimensions still hasn’t released a number of previously-announced packs, including content based on The Powerpuff Girls. Despite the lack of updates since the initial news was shared several months ago, Warner Bros. and TT Games haven’t ditched their original plans.

First details about upcoming LEGO Dimensions packs based on The Powerpuff Girls were made known when Cartoon Network announced its 2017-18 lineup this week. Two different products are planned. Along with a Team Pack, a new Fun Pack is lined up as well.

The Team Pack will Blossom and Bubbles minifigures while the Fun Pack has Buttercup. Both let players fly around in the Townsville Hub, featuring Pokey Oaks elementary, City Hall, Rainbow Land, the Pickle Museum, and Professor Utonium’s lab.

A release date for The Powerpuff Girls packs wasn’t mentioned. However, it looks like new LEGO Dimensions packs will begin to ship in May.


With just a few days to go before launch, screenshots from the Switch version of LEGO City Undercover have appeared from the game’s eShop listing. We’ve rounded up the images below.

Thanks to StreetPass Germany, we have an early look at LEGO City Undercover on Switch ahead of next week’s launch. Watch 27 minutes of footage below.

Nintendo World Report has a new comparison up showing how the loading times in LEGO City Undercover differ on Switch and Wii U. It’s quicker on Switch for sure, but perhaps not as much as originally expected.

You can watch the preliminary comparison below. If a patch comes out next week, it could improve loading further – but it’s unclear if that will actually happen.

GiantBomb has an extensive look at LEGO Worlds, which is currently in development for Switch. View 49 minutes of footage below.

Warner Bros. sent out a new LEGO City Undercover trailer today showing what the game has to offer in terms of vehicles. Watch it below.

Concerns about the Switch version of LEGO City Undercover were raised after the title’s packaging was found in the wild. Two elements in particular stuck out. First, the box states that players may need up to 13GB of storage for the “game download”. Also noted is that an internet connection is required.

Apparently these were both nothing more than errors. Warner Bros. sent out a fresh statement to IGN, confirming that LEGO City Undercover’s packaging listed incorrect information. Players will be “getting the complete game, and do not need to download additional content to enjoy the full experience.”

The full statement reads:

LEGO City Undercover’s packaging appeared online yesterday, which stated that players would need up to 13GB of storage for the “game download” on Switch.  This suggested that the whole title is not included on the physical cartridge itself. But today, LEGO City Undercover publisher Warner Bros. has provided Eurogamer with a statement about the situation.

According to a company spokesperson, “players who purchase LEGO City Undercover on Nintendo Switch at retail do not need to download the game to play”.

If this is true, then we still don’t know why the label says it is required to download up to 13GB of data. It’s possible that some of the game can be played without the additional download, but we can’t say for sure just yet. We’ll keep you informed if we hear anything else about the situation. 


The Switch eShop has been updated with three upcoming games. Has-Been Heroes, Snake Pass, and LEGO City Undercover now have listings, and show the file sizes for each.

Has-Been Heroes, coming from Frozenbyte and GameTrust, will require 753MB. Snake Pass is releasing on the same day and is a 3.7GB download. Finally, LEGO City Undercover takes up a hefty 7.1GB.

Has-Been Heroes and Snake Pass are both slated for March 28. LEGO City Undercover will arrive for Switch on April 4.

Thanks to JeGeekJePlay for the tip.