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PlatinumGames’ Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya raised hopes for a Switch port of The Wonderful 101 at Reboot Develop today. The two also commented on Bayonetta 3, though in general terms.

Inaba first weighed in on how he views Bayonetta 3 as a turning point for PlatinumGames, and needing to top previous entries in the series. Via translator Ben Judd, Inaba stated:

Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition is coming to Switch, Limited Run Games has announced. A release is tentatively planned for this summer.

There was some talk about Night Trap heading to Switch last year. Screaming Villains apparently was willing to let it happen, but said Nintendo “pulled out two days later for a very random reason.” That reason was never clarified

May is going to be a busy month for Switch, and that’s expanding with one additional game. Team17 and Villa Gorilla have announced that the pinball platform adventure Yoku’s Island Express is launching on May 29. Pricing is set at $19.99 / €19.99 / £15.99.

Today’s news is accompanied by a new developer diary which explores the game’s creation and the unique mechanics. We have that below, along with a general overview.

Earlier in the month, an interview was published with Nintendo Labo director Tsubasa Sakaguchi, Switch director / Nintendo Labo producer Kouichi Kawamoto, and Nintendo Labo hardware lead Mr. Ogasawara. The developers had plenty to say about the new initiative for Switch during that discussion.

Today, the second portion was published online. The three developers had even more interesting things to share, including prototypes, why cardboard is used, and more.

You can read the next part of the interview below.

System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: April 19, 2018
Developer: Playdius
Publisher: Oudidon

BAFL: Breaks Are For Losers is a title that strives to deliver classic “old school arcade racing games” vibes on the portable system we’ve all come to love. After previously appearing on Steam, it seemed like more than a fitting enough release to be added to the Switch’s library. But does BAFL successfully capture the rush and fun of classing old school racing games, or is it actually just something for the losers?

It was recently announced that the first Disgaea is receiving a remake. The game, known as Disgaea Refine in Japan, is now confirmed for the west as Disgaea 1 Complete.

A listing on NIS America’s store confirms Disgaea 1 Complete’s localization. It’ll be available this fall, and a special “Rosen Queen’s Finest Edition” will be offered to fans.

The package includes the following:

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Something rather strange happened with Sonic Mania yesterday. For some users in the UK, an update went live on the PlayStation Network. It has since been pulled, though quite a few players were able to download the patch.

With that accidental leak, we have a bunch of details about what SEGA and the rest of the Sonic Mania team has in store for an upcoming update (which will also be applicable for Sonic Mania Plus). If you’re interested in the information, continue on below. Just be wary of potential spoilers.

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

Switch – 36,308
PS4 – 9,491
New 2DS LL – 4,564
New 3DS LL – 3,366
Vita – 2,921
PS4 Pro – 1,473
2DS – 616
Xbox One – 55
Xbox One X – 17

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

Switch – 40,016
PS4 – 9,530
New 2DS LL – 5,006
PS4 Pro – 4,970
New 3DS LL – 3,865
Vita – 2,929
2DS – 551
Xbox One – 72
Xbox One X – 47

And here are the software charts:

The Wave Race series has been dormant for a very long time. We’re closing in on two decades since Wave Race: Blue Storm, which came to GameCube in 2001.

Could Wave Race finally return on Switch? There are no promises, but Nintendo managing executive officer Shinya Takahashi – who has played a large role with the console – seems interested in the possibility.

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