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The Way Remastered dev warns players about a game-breaking bug

Posted on April 19, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The Way Remastered is available for Switch tomorrow. But before you jump in, you should be aware of a game-breaking bug that can occur during the second boss fight.

Developer SONKA has already submitted a fix to Nintendo. If you want to ensure that you avoid the bug in the meantime, however, follow the steps below.


  • the game crashes after second chase, when you have to figure out how to kill the boss,
  • because data saving occurs during closing the game – if you didn’t do it previously – you will lose your save,
  • to ensure that you don’t lose your save, close the game during second chase sequence to save the game

Killing the boss (see image below):

  • you have to kill the boss within 2 minutes 30 seconds, otherwise the game will crash
  • (1) collect the sphere in the center of arena, cutscene will play,
  • (2) go to terminal on upper left and use sphere (ZR)
  • (arrows) use ladder to go underground via newly opened shaft,
  • (3 – 4) watch out for the enemy’s paws, use sphere on underground consoles on far-left and far-right,
  • (5) go back up, use sphere on upper-left terminal to close the shaft, then (6) on upper-middle terminal to pour water, finally: (7) use upper-right terminal to open electricity circuit and kill the boss
  • congratulations, you evaded a game crash!

Here’s an image explaining how to evade the bug:

Source 1: SONKA PR, Source 2

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