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Touhou Sky Arena coming to Switch in Japan in November / December, Touhou Genso Wanderer: Lotus Labyrinth on April 25

Posted on October 6, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

During a live stream on Niconico today, updates were provided on a pair of Touhou titles.

First up, Touhou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax is coming to Switch either in November or December in Japan. The game is actually seeing a delay as it was previously planned for summer.

Between November and March, Touhou Sky Arena: Matsuri Climax will be getting new DLC characters. These include Toyosatomimi no Miko, Yukari Yakumo, and Yuyuko Saigyouji. A season pass for all three will be offered.

Lastly for Touhou Sky Arena, new battle songs will also be added to the game, including songs from returning artists Butaotome and A-One. New artists C-Clay, Sync.Art’S, and Shinra Banshou also have music in the works.

There’s also news today for Touhou Genso Wanderer: Lotus Labyrinth. Unties and Aqua Style announced that it’s on track for April 25 in Japan.

Fans will be able to purchase a limited edition, which includes:

– Box with special-illustrated artwork
– Lotus Labyrinth original soundtrack (DVD-ROM)
– Previous Games’ Background Music Arrange soundtrack (DVD-ROM)
– Voice drama (DVD-ROM)
– Full-color product art book
– Acrylic character figure
– Downloadable content code: Additional partner “Mikorabbit-chan”

Pre-orders kick off in Japan on October 13, and all versions will include a download code to change the player’s costume to a cute outfit.

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