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Here’s a Podcast: Episode 5 – iOS aggravations, Zelda Wii U nonsense + Top Ten Gamecube Games

Posted on September 8, 2012 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Podcast

Right click, “Save As” to download.

I am so tired of wrestling with blogger and tumblr and feedburner and iTunes and archive and all these stupid websites to try and make the feed subscribe-able. I’ll get it going later but I’ve been at it for nearly ten hours and nothing seems to function properly, so for now you just have to download it the old-fashioned way. Apologies to you guys who asked for a feed to subscribe to! Maybe next week?

News this week: Zelda Wii U rumors (lies), cheap iOS games, Ace Attorney 5 news, and a few other short topics.

“Guess the game” for this week: Here’s the link to the image if you want to play along.

Top ten list this week: Top Ten Gamecube games.

Enjoy, and if anyone knows how to get a podcast feed going and make it on iTunes and all that jazz, please let me know!


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