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A new set of Weapon Workout quests are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes until August 31st. As the name implies, these quests require you to defeat enemies with characters using a variety of weapons. You can get orbs, Arena Medals, Stamina Potions and Great Badges as rewards for these quests.

Also, the third question of Feh’s Summer Quiz is now available here. Today’s question is:

A new event has begun for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. During the Festival seeds for event flowers are available in the garden. You can cross-pollinate them to grow rare-colored flowers.

The Flower Festival ends on August 29.

Starting today, Regirock can be found in Pokemon GO through Raid Battles. It’s taking over for Registeel until September 20.

Regirock’s defense is sturdy, but it’s weak to Water-, Grass-, Fighting-, Ground-, and Steel-type attacks.


Pokemon GO will have new Special Research starting August 20. For the latest event, Celebi will be featured.

Here’s the full rundown on what’s planned straight from Niantic:

Once again, the Animal Crossing Twitter account is teasing three more animals being added to Pocket Camp soon. Can you tell who they might be based on their silhouettes?


A couple of Fire Emblem Heroes updates today: first up, today’s daily Summoning Focus is Weapons to Refine, Part 2. The focus units are Eldigan: Lionheart, Minerva: Red Dragoon and Jaffar: Angel of Death.

One more skill-based Summoning Focus went live today, though this one will be available for a while longer, until August 26th: Heroes with Draconic Aura. The focus units are Karla: Sword Vassal, Ares: Black Knight and Kana: Dragon Princess.

Since it’s Thursday, Tactics Drills received its weekly update. The new map “A Land Divided” can be found in the Grandmaster section.

Finally, the second question of Feh’s Summer Quiz is now available to answer here:

In the Fire Emblem Heroes game, three versions of Hector have been released so far. Each one has differences. Out of the three, which appears taller than the others in the stance he takes at the beginning of a turn?

  • A: Hector, General of Ostia
  • B: Hector, Just Here To Fight
  • C: Hector, Marquess of Ostia

Within the past few days, Fire Emblem Heroes has added in the Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named and Tap Battle: Illusory Dungeon – Festival of Heroes. We have footage of both below.

Preliminary details are in for Pokemon GO Day for September 2018. Chikorita will be the featured Pokemon this time around.

During the event, there will be a 3x catch XP bonus as well as 3-hour lures. Chikorita is set to offer an exclusive move as well.

The next Pokemon GO Community Day will be held on September 22.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is hosting its latest fishing tourney. Chip has arrived in Lost Lure Creek, and players are being tasked with giving fish they catch to the character. Depending on the amount and size of the fish, you can earn a trophy and other prizes.

The tourney ends on August 19. You’ll have until August 20 for trophy pickup.

The latest Tempest Trials+ event has started in Fire Emblem Heroes. Titled Chaos Named, it’ll run until August 24th. The main rewards this time are Heroes that were available in Tempest Trials in 2017: Marth: Enigmatic Blade, Tobin: The Clueless One, Clive: Idealistic Knight, Black Knight: Sinister General, Arden: Strong and Tough and Joshua: Tempest King. Those six are also the bonus units for this event, in addition to Alfonse: Prince of Askrs and Sharena: Princess of Askr.

Today’s daily Summoning Focus is Heroes with Powerful Specials. The focus units are Karel: Sword Demon, Sonya: Vengeful Mage and Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier.

Finally, the Arena changes that were announced a while ago have now gone into effect with the season that started today. The new Tier, High Summoner, can now be reached, and you will now receive a three-point score bonus when you defeat enemies with one of the current Bonus Heroes.

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