RIVE details

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Two Tribes has been answering various questions about its new game RIVE over on Twitter. We’ve rounded up some of the information shared below.

- Mission structure mode
- May include local co-op
- Leaderboards confirmed
- On Wii U release “Definite possibility.”
- Will be localized into different languages



The Binding of Isaac teased for 3DS?

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There’s something fishy going on with Nicalis and The Binding of Isaac. Something fishy indeed.

Last night, Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez published a blog post about The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the PS4 and PS Vita… but there is a mention of how the Rebirth was originally conceived as a 3DS project. And, curiously, the post contains three hyperlinks – one with “3″, another with “D”, and one more with “S”. Put that together, and you have 3DS!

Each of the links sends you to the short clip above titled “Gex Remake”, which features a 3D filter. So what’s going on here? We’ll leave you to speculate.

Source, Via 1, Via 2


Curve Studios teases a fourth game for Wii U, releasing this year

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Curve Studios is planning a fourth game for Wii U, the company teased on Twitter today. The unannounced title will be released later this year.

Curve is also working on Stealth Inc 2, The Swapper, and Lone Survivor for Wii U.

Based on the wording of Curve’s tweet, it sounds like there could potentially be even more games coming to the Wii U eShop in the future.



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