Upcoming Japanese eShop releases (10/14/15)

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1 hour ago by (@NE_Brian)

Several new titles are coming to the Japanese eShop on October 14. Here’s a look at the upcoming digital downloads:

Wii U Download

Ittle Dew – 800 yen
Bike Rider DX 2 – 980 yen

Wii U Virtual Console

Medarot G Kabuto – 702 yen
Medarot G Kuwagata – 702 yen

3DS Download

Elminage Gothic 3D Remix: Ulm Zakir to Yami no Gishiki – 2,500 yen
Elminage Ibun: Ame no Mihashira Kai – 1500 yen




SEGA bringing the Game Gear 3DS theme to the west

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A 3DS theme based on the Game Gear came to Japan back in February. In the near future, this will be made available in the west as well.

SEGA posted the following on Twitter a short while ago:

I imagine we’ll be seeing the theme within the next few weeks! We’ll let you know if the other SEGA themes are releasing overseas.



Super Meat Boy teased for Wii U

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Several years ago, Super Meat Boy was planned for Wii via the WiiWare service. That didn’t pan out unfortunately, and Nintendo fans have not had access to the game since its launch in 2010. Five years later though, that might be changing.

There’s a very interesting message included at the end of an official Super Meat Boy blog post from designer Tommy Refenes. It reads: “To the fan’s we’re still excluding I’ll leave you with this: Wii haven’t forgotten about U.”

Hmm… that definitely sounds like a strong hint at a Wii U eShop release for Super Meat Boy! It’d be pretty great if a Nintendo version happens after all these days.