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Here’s a Podcast: Episode 7 – Wii U Reactions + Guessing Mario Powerups!

Posted on September 16, 2012 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Podcast

Download the Podcast Here

Like I said, two podcasts this week for Wii U stuff. This episode deals with more or less the reactions to the Wii U from outside sources. I get to inform Jack and Laura about everything, get a little angry about IGN comments (like the feature I wrote), and even have a moment of catharsis about whether or not the Wii U is worth the price! Check it all out and stuff.

This Week’s Discussion: “Four Message Board Reasons Why Not To Buy Wii U”

This Week’s “Guess What the Game is About With the Media I Give You”: Image here, if you want to play along.

This Week’s “Top Ten List”: Guess How Many New Powerups Were In Various Mario Games!

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