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Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver are the newest releases on the 3DS Virtual Console. However, the third game in the series has been left out. Currently no announcements have been made about bringing Pokemon Crystal to the Virtual Console. Interestingly though, one dataminer says he’s found code that could point to Crystal launching eventually.

Apparently, data was found within a patch in the ROM fileworks for Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver on 3DS. This is the same person who initially leaked the existence of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions, which was eventually announced at E3 earlier in the year.

Maybe Pokemon Crystal will be distributed further down the road? Only time will tell.

Thanks to Roadymike for the tip.

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More Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon news has started to leak from CoroCoro. We now know that the Lycanroc will have a new Z-Move in the two games known as “Radial Edge Storm” which requires the Pokemon to know the move Stone Edge. Also, it has a secondary effect that eliminates field effects such as Terrain.

Additionally, it’s confirmed that Rockruff can only evolve into Dusk Form between 5 PM and 5:59 PM after level 25. The pre-evolution special Rockruff also has the ability Own Tempo.

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This month’s issue of CoroCoro has started to leak. In it, some new information about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon is provided.

First up, the forms shown on the boxarts are fusions of Solgaleo / Lunala and Necrozma. The Solgaleo style one is known as “Necrozma Mane of Twilight” while Lunala’s is “Necrozma Wings of Dawn”.

We’ll keep this post updated as more leaks come in.


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon were announced two months ago. While we haven’t seen much of either game, that could be changing very soon.

On tonight’s episode of the Japanese show Pokenchi, Pokemon Sun/Moon director Shigeru Ohmori will be making an appearance. He’ll apparently be talking about the latest Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon information and will deliver a “shock announcement” regarding the anime.

Meanwhile, the next issue of CoroCoro could be leaking very shortly. Speculation has pointed to a possible new Lycanroc form. Although not confirmed, the cover has an image of what looks like Lycanroc with a different color scheme and a few aesthetic changes.


This month’s issue of CoroCoro has started to leak, and it’s brought along the latest news about Pokemon Sun/Moon. A special Ho-Oh distribution event is being held in Japan.

The Ho-Oh comes in at level 100 with the ability Pressure. Sacred Fire, Brave Bird, Recover, and Safeguard are its moves.


A fairly sizeable patch is hitting Pokemon Duel tomorrow, and it’ll bring with it quite a few balance updates. Here’s what’s changing:


  • Changed the effect of Still (Snorlax can’t be affected by any special conditions other than Sleep)
  • Increased the power of Body Slam to 110; can now paralyze
  • Increased the power of Pound to 70; increased wheel size
  • Decreased miss wheel size


  • Changed the effect of Flame Acceleration (adds plus 10 to the damage value for each Pokemon in your PC)


  • Increased the wheel size of Fire Blast
  • decreased the wheel size of Gust


  • Techno Charge’s effect now lasts until the next time Techno Blast is used


  • Increased the Power of Vice Grip to 50
  • Increased the wheel size of Guillotine and Seismic Toss
  • decreased miss wheel size

This month’s CoroCoro issue has started to leak early. Last month we reported that CoroCoro would be revealing new information on the Mythical Pokemon, Marshadow and it looks like they did. Marshadow will be distributed with the new Pokemon movie on July 15th 2017 in Japan. There is also some artwork for Marshadow when it uses its special moves and its Z-Move called Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike.

CoroCoro also reconfirms that Ho-Oh distribution happening via Serial Code is still happen in next month’s issue of the magazine.


Update (4/14): The Ho-Oh will be distributed in Japan via a serial code in the August issue of CoroCoro, which is out on July 15. More details will be shared in the future.

Original (4/13): The newest issue of CoroCoro magazine has started to leak, and it has revealed a new distribution coming to Pokemon Sun & Moon. Ho-Oh will be distributed in Japan later this year. Further details aren’t available at this point. It’s possible that this will be tied to the upcoming Pokemon movie in Summer in which Ho-Oh plays a major role, though we don’t know for sure yet.


If the description for the Nintendo Switch on GameStop’s website is to be believed, the console has a Pokemon game in its future.

On their websites page for the Nintendo Switch, GameStop has made a rather bold claim about what future owners will be doing once they get their hands on the console. According to GameSpot, players will be able to play “Skyrim on the go, and Pokemon at home.” 

Nintendo Switch games will include new title offerings from Mario, Splatoon, Zelda, the NBA and more! You will even be able to play Skyrim on the go, or Pokemon at home with the Nintendo Switch. The unit will also include a number of handy, interchangeable Nintendo Switch accessories.

This is by no means an official announcement, and it would be wise to wait until Thursday to be sure about this. Considering there hasn’t ever been a mainline Pokemon game on a Nintendo home console, this would be very big news to leak out in an advertising slip up. That being said, it’s certainly an exciting prospect.

You can read over the page for yourself here.


Laura Kate Dale, who has leaked quite a bit of info on the Switch in the past few months, did an AmA (Ask me Anything) on the Switch subreddit last night. Obviously, most of the questions were about the Switch and what she knows about it. She did clarify a few points and also revealed some new info she believes to be correct. We’ve collected any new, updated and interesting info below; like always, take any of this with a grain of salt and a healthy amount of skepticism. This especially applies to the following points since most of them don’t come from a proper report that Laura wrote, but instead from an informal series of posts of Reddit. Either way, the big Switch event is only 2 1/2 weeks away, so most of this info should be proven either correct or false by then.

According to Laura Kate Dale: