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This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast, Oni Dino is blown away by unexpected character writing in Paper Mario. Then, the two desperate weirdos cover the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, aka a full meal for Shin Megami Tensei fans. Also in the news: Square-Enix and Yuuji Naka bring us a nightmare wonderland with Balan Wonderworld; the Suikoden spiritual successor that we desperately need, Eiyuuden Chronicle, is among us; and yet another leak springs of Nintendo source code, including a Pokemon GBA/PC game.

Check out links and timestamps below, and come hang out.

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There continue to be new developments stemming from this week’s Nintendo leak. An early version of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl has been discovered, revealing beta sprites from the games.

Here’s the full set:

This is just one of several recent Nintendo-related leaks that have sprung up. Others include an online Pokemon PC title, beta sprites and early designs for a number of classics, and information/assets pertaining to Super Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Yesterday brought us another substantial Nintendo leak. Game protoypes, source code, and other data began to spread online. If that wasn’t enough, we found out about a pitch for an online Pokemon PC title and were able to get an early look at some classic games, including beta sprites and early designs.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, yet another major Nintendo leak has turned up today. The latest one is all about the N64 such as the system’s operating system and lots of games.

News stemming from today’s Nintendo leaks isn’t slowing down. Aside from the news concerning iQue’s pitch for an online Pokemon PC game, fans are now starting to pick apart prototypes and beta builds of classic Nintendo games. It’s giving us a look at some new characters, designs for established characters, and more.

We have a look at sprites from Star Fox 2 above. Other highlights include:


As part of today’s big Nintendo leak, it’s been revealed that iQue proposed a mainline Pokemon game for PC that would have offered extensive online features.

The PowerPoint presentation is dated from November 2004. In it, we hear about plans for trading, battling, and chatting online as well as an online tournament mode, treasure hunting, and even the ability to use the Game Boy Advance as a controller.

The past few months haven’t been kind to Nintendo as far as leaks are concerned. The first incident involved the source code and files for Wii, followed by the source code for the 3DS operating system and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

Another leak is now making the rounds today, and it’s sounding pretty massive. We’re hearing about some things that we either knew very little about previously or hadn’t seen before, including

Here’s the full rundown as to what’s leaked:


A few days ago, news emerged regarding a pretty significant Nintendo leak. It was primarily centered around Wii, but hacker Hector Martin has downplayed the importance of what has emerged. Martin told PCMag says that the files involved don’t actually contain source code to reproducing the console.

Martin said:

Have you recovered from the last round of Nintendo leaks? You know, the ones involving a whole bunch of N64 discoveries, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl beta sprites, proposals for a portable GameCube with dock and powerful GameCube successor, and cancelled Game Boy titles (just to name a few). Well, the leaks are starting up yet again.

The latest leaks include a host of different material. They’re related to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ROMs, Pokemon Ranger ROMs, 3DS tools, and Famicom Disk System lotcheck master ROMs.


New videos for Super Nintendo World have leaked from what looks to be the theme park’s official website.

The footage was spotted on the Vimeo account of one of the site’s developers. Those videos have been taken down, but not before they were preserved online.

Here are a couple of videos that offer a brief glimpse at Super Nintendo World itself – including entering through a Warp Pipe – as well as the Mario Kart ride:

Update: This has now been teased by LEGO on social media (thanks Justin):

Nintendo and LEGO kicked off a new partnership with LEGO Super Mario. It seems that the two sides will be collaborating beyond LEGO, as a new leak has apparently outed the existence of the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System.

The upcoming product features a small TV and cartridge. In total, it comes with 2,646 pieces.

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