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Wow, there really has been a lot of news about Ace Attorney 5 making the rounds lately. Just yesterday we we reporting about the game’s localisation and earlier today the game’s Tokyo Game Show demo was made playable online (only in Japanese, naturally). Now a rather legitimate-looking Famitsu scan is showing off a couple of familiar faces that are set to make a return appearance. Unless you want to surprise yourself when the game releases later this year, head on over the break to check it out.

The Wii Mini is indeed coming to Europe. After accidentally leaking the news through its website, Nintendo has confirmed that the console will be available in the territory on March 22.

New Nintendo Selects titles are also on the way. For the Wii Mini’s launch, Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis, and Super Paper Mario will be added to the lineup.

The official announement regarding the European release of Wii Mini and new Nintendo Selects games are posted below.

Nintendo’s YouTube channels have leaked out some (if not all) of the titles set to be featured during tomorrow’s North American Nintendo Direct.

The company’s 3DS channel lists three private videos, which are actually Fire Emblem: Awakening, LEGO City: Undercover – The Chase Begins, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Thumbnails of each trailer were located through a bit of detective work.

Over at the Nintendo Direct YouTube channel, the presentation in full is set to private. But thumbnails from this video were uncovered as well, showing Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Satoru Iwata dressed with a Luigi hat, and Reggie Fils-Aime.

Nothing was located in the Wii U channel, for those who may be wondering.

So keep those expectations in check. It doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting any major announcements like last time, though maybe there will still be a surprise or two. It’ll be interesting to see if Nintendo of Europe/Japan feature additional/different content. I can’t see the Japanese stream talking much about Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem, given that the two titles have been out for some time.


Let’s face it: Nintendo’s early 2013 lineup is bleak. Nintendo only has one major, core game releasing in January and February: Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Things will begin to turn around in March, according to president Satoru Iwata. Through the rest of the year and into 2014, “Nintendo will release a cavalcade of strong, fan-favorite software titles for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.”

Iwata wrote in an investor’s statement:

“Beginning in March and continuing through the rest of the calendar year and into 2014, Nintendo will release a cavalcade of strong, fan-favorite software titles for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. New entries in the Mario Kart, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, LEGO City, Wii Fit and Pikmin franchises will help Nintendo regain momentum for Wii U. Additionally, highly anticipated Nintendo 3DS games such as Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Animal Crossing: New Leaf have the potential to be hardware drivers and bring new audiences to the platform.”


Call of Duty: Black Ops II’s first downloadable content may have been leaked. Titled “Revolution”, the pack will contain four maps and one new weapon – Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage areas, along with the Peacekeeper SMG (Sub-Machine Gun).

The image above popped up on the official Call of Duty forums. As of now, Activision has yet to confirm the DLC’s validity. Be on the lookout for updates.

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Polygon has published a new report about Disney Infinity which contains a ton of details about the game. While some minor aspects may change since the article is based on assets from earlier in the year, most – if not all – of the major elements should still be in place.

What may be interesting about all of this is that Disney Infinity doesn’t actually seem like any sort of Skylanders competitor, as was initially assumed. It’s more of a way for Disney and Pixar IPs to come together in a huge world.

Disney Infinity hasn’t been confirmed for a Nintendo platform yet, but I’d be stunned if this wasn’t brought to the Wii U (or even the Wii) at this point.

Details (and a few images) stemming from Polygon’s report are below.

– Open-world sandbox game
– Like a combination between the best of Minecraft creation with the absurdity of Just Cause’s over-the-top action moments
– Child-friendly world with popular Disney and Pixar characters
– “gaming platform”
– Pulls from Disney and Pixar’s library of movies and TV shows
– IP-specific playsets packed with new characters, settings, toys and building blocks
– Reinvent the way video games tell stories by handing off the controls to the players
– Disney Infinity will run on a multiple of devices including consoles, iPad, Android
– Some of the information below could have changed somewhat, since leaked assets were from early in the year
– Control a character from a collection of Disney movies
– Explore wide-open expanses in cars, on foot, or by flying
– Split-screen mode included
– Will support a plethora of ways to play including racing, shooting, building and destroying
– Players ran around together as different Disney and Pixar characters, hopping on top of structures, using ray guns, driving tanks in impromptu battles
– In one scene, Toy Story’s Woody uses a “sticky hand” toy, Disney Infinity’s version of Just Cause’s grappling hook, to grab a passing plane being flown by Buzz Lightyear
– The stretchy, neon-green leash attached to the sticky hand elongates, dragging Woody off his feet and into the air behind the plane
– Another scene: a player plants a toy slingshot in the ground and then uses it to shoot various explosives and toys at a distant block castle, eventually hitting a stack of red blocks which explode, knocking the building down
– Third scene: player crafting an elaborate racetrack with pre-created track pieces and then speeding along the creation as Cars’ Lightning McQueen
– Not all characters will be able to do all things in the game
– Some characters can ride mounts or drive cars, others won’t
– More than 30 abilities like invisibility, super damage, swimming and ranged combat
– Pre-created game modes included such as soccer, king of the hill, capture the flag
– Pre-created cities and settings
– Players not forced to do anything
– Seems to have some pre-created stories and missions
– Game may remind some of Toy Story 3’s “Toy Box” mode
– From the same developer
– Went by the codename “Toy Box”
– Made by Avalanche Software, the studio behind Toy Story 3: The Video Game and Cars 2: The Video Game
– Developers say in the video that they sensed they were onto something with Toy Box mode and pursued creating a more realized version of that mode
– Disney Infinity is a way for people to play with all of the Disney properties any time, any place, across devices
– Unclear how cross-platform play will work
– Also unknown how many platforms are supported
– Xbox 360, iPad, and Android phone devices confirmed thus far
– Console gameplay featured building, iPad/phone was more about controlling characters and exploring
– Disney Infinity is broken down into two elements: playsets and the rumpus room
– Virtual playsets are themed after well-known Disney creations like Cars, Buzz Lightyear, Woody’s Round-Up, The Incredibles, Wreck-it-Ralph and Peter Pan and Aladdin
– Included are settings, backdrops, toys and action figures
– Reference to playing cards with character cost and attributes on them, but it was unclear if they would be physical creations or virtual ones
– Rumpus room: big blank slate where a gamer can create virtually anything they want with both these themed playsets and toys that aren’t from any playset
– Rumpus room is likened to a child’s bedroom, a place where you can dump all of your favorite toys on the floor and play with them
– Video shows players controlling a Buzz Lightyear in the rumpus room
– Buzz walks up to a capsule machine, selects an item from a menu and the item drops out in a capsule
– When he tosses it, it pops up and becomes what he ordered
– Other scenes from the video: characters dropping massive building blocks to create castles, running around inside a highly detailed city as the buildings grow and shrink, change shape and float
– Disney Infinity designed to be around for a long time, a platform for play that will support the ever-growing cast of Disney characters


This magazine scan, which is apparently taken from an upcoming issue of “Jump” magazine (perhaps someone with more knowledge of Japanese magazines could shed some light on which one) suggests that Square-Enix will be porting the seventh game in the Dragon Quest series to the 3DS. Originally released for the Playstation in 2000 , this remake looks like it will be ditching the sprites and 3D backgrounds in favour of a fully 3D graphical style. It also seems like it will be shown off at the upcoming Jump Festa later in the year.

We’re still waiting on confirmation from Square-Enix on whether this scan is legitimate or not. It certainly seems strange that this wasn’t announced during last week’s Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, especially since it will apparently be released in February.

Edit: Incorrectly stated that the scan came from Famitsu. I should probably go to sleep soon.

Source: Hachimaki

The ‘Fractured Soul’ developer talks the development process, frustrations with protecting ideas, and why you should buy their game.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~

I hope you guys like interviews (I sure do!), because you’ll be seeing a lot more of them over the coming months. Lined up we have 5th Cell, Junction Point, Broken Rules, and WayForward (tentative), and over the past few months we’ve dealt with n-Space, Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham, and some writers from (horrible, horrible interview).

Recently I’ve conducted interviews via lists, weird fan-fiction write ups, and as straightforward Q&As. This time I think it’s certifiably appropriate to hit it from the IGN angle: Straightforward Q&A with some splashy fluff and awkward text-ifyings of emotional responses.

Ha ha ha.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~

So what’s in store for today? It’s time to get to know the guys behind 3DS’s potential next great platformer, Endgame Studios! A relatively new name to the development scene, they’ve been doing licensed games and dev-for-hire stuff since 2003, but they didn’t foray into independent game design in a serious way until 2005/2006, when the early early concept for ‘Fractured Soul’ came to be. It’s been a long development cycle, but we’re finally nearing its September 13th release date and many people are looking for a reason to pick it up.

So I started with that.

Ars Technica says Nintendo Power is dead. The print magazine itself will be shutting down, and the site indicated that a digital version wouldn’t be happening – partially due to a reluctance on Nintendo’s part.

CVG’s sources, weighing in on the matter, claim that a final decision hasn’t been reached. The situation looks very bleak at the moment, but the site writes that Future Publishing “is also considering how and if it should take Nintendo Power in a new digital direction”.


– A 30 year old explorer searching for a way to save his love.
– Explorer is a bit jaded, troubled by his past, but does not realize his full potential
– Uses a sword and shield
– His love’s name is “Nova”
– Protagonist must find an “architect” who knows how to save her
– Eventually meets a female mercenary, described as a “dark beauty” and a “femme fatale”
– Female mercenary flirts with the hero, tends to turn on people
– A love triangle forms
– Tries to kiss the protagonist and tempt him to stop searching for Nova

No word on what consoles this is coming to, but something tells me Nintendo won’t be included… Then again, with the Wii U coming out, who knows!?

More details will apparently be revealed “soon”.

Via Siliconera