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2020 has been very active as far as Nintendo leaks are concerned. We’ve seen files and code being distributed online involving Pokemon Gen 2 and Pokemon Gen 3, not to mention assets involving Wii (though its severity was later downplayed). 

Unfortunately for Nintendo, it appears that the leaks won’t be ending anytime soon. The latest report concerns data coming online for the 3DS operating source code and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

A few days ago, leaks started to surface regarding some of the older Pokemon games. We were able to get a look at tons of beta designs from the Gen 2 era, which was followed by even more earlier sprites and other assets. Apparently, this Pokemon content was just a larger portion of an overall huge Nintendo leak. Source code for older systems, Spaceworld ’99 demos, and more have started to appear online.

Also included are some massive leaks involving the Wii. It seems that the console’s full source code, design files, documentation, and essentially all material involved with its creation have started to spread.


Earlier today, Nintendo issued a statement surrounding the Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leaks. As previously mentioned, information about the games – specifically unknown creatures – were made public prior to being announced. FNintendo admitted that it had received an early copy from Nintendo, and one of its reviewers unfortunately leaked images online.

Following up on Nintendo’s note, FNintendo has published a statement of its own. You can read it in full below.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were affected by substantial leaks prior to their release. Information was shared online a couple of weeks before launch, and details about unannounced creatures in the game were made public ahead of time.

VG247 has now obtained a statement from Nintendo about the situation. At least some of the leaks stemmed from the Portuguese website FNintendo, as one of the site’s reviewers had received an early copy and decided to leak images online. Nintendo says that it will no longer be working with FNintendo moving forward.

The full statement reads:

Hello, my Fatal Cuties! This week on NEP, we got hit with some Pokemon leaks while recording, but we keep our reactions spoiler-free. We chat some great games we’ve been playing with Atelier Ryza, Luigi’s Mansion and more, then we muse on 3DS games we’d like to see make the jump to Switch. Somehow, we end up arguing with each other over Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. How. How even did that happen. Come have a chill game time with us.

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Hello, my boy cops and girl cops! In today’s episode of NEP, we’re catching up on a ton of game announcements and games we’ve been playing. Clifton Roy of Gayme Married on YouTube makes a brief cameo, Galen shares how he first found out about cheat codes and much more. Come hang out!

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Fortune is one of a few outlets that was given an opportunity to speak with Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser at E3 2019. During the discussion, Bowser shared his thoughts on 5G technology, eSports, wanting to surprise fans, and leaks.

You can read up on Bowser’s comments regarding these subjects below. For the full interview, head on over to Fortune.

If you’ve been following the general E3 coverage this year so far, you’ll know that many major announcements from various companies have leaked in advance – and much of it came from one source, a leaker known as Sabi on Twitter. Nintendo’s big E3 Nintendo Direct is tomorrow, and it seems like they weren’t going to take any chances: Sabi stated on Twitter that she has received a cease & desist letter from a lawyer representing Nintendo, meaning that she’s not allowed to reveal any private trade secrets of Nintendo Co., Ltd. According to some further posts on her account, she said she’ll stick to that, although she said she will continue to leak announcements from other companies (which might include games coming to Nintendo Switch).

Seems like Nintendo has some surprising announcements in store for tomorrow if they’re taking such actions.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate appears to be getting a major new mode. Although it technically hasn’t been announced, it seems that Nintendo itself has leaked a feature coming to the game.

During the Wii era, High Voltage was a prominent name that often came up when talking about core titles on the console. The studio developed The Conduit series, and had at one point planned another gritty shooter in the form of The Grinder.

Taking notice of High Voltage’s work and commitment to its platforms, Nintendo reached out to the team in hopes of working together on a new shooter for Wii U. Did You Know Gaming? and Liam Robertson have today revealed details about the project, which was ultimately cancelled following a leak.