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A potential Pokemon leak recently surfaced on 4chan. Supposedly, a whole bunch of beta sprites from Diamond and Pearl have popped up online. They’re notable in the way they present the Pokemon, as there are distinct designs for male and female variants.

Take Pikachu for instance. Apparently, the female version of that creature has a heart at the end of her tail and is lop-eared. We also have a look at a female Charizard with one horn, a female Arcanine with a swept-back mane, a female Mudkip with a shorter head fin, a female Plusle with smaller ears, and a female Marill have a larger ball at the end of its tail.

Here are some of the highlights:

We have a brief update on the situation surrounding the Pokemon Sword/Shield leaks and The Pokemon Company’s search for the people involved. Earlier in the week, The Pokemon Company was granted the ability to subpoena Discord and 4chan to unmask their identities. Those two platforms will be forced to provide any information they have about the implicated subjects.

The Pokemon Company started its search last month. There were a number of leaks pertaining to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, but the subpoena involved here involves the official guide. Certain fans were able to get their hands on the book weeks before release and shared images online showcasing unannounced Pokemon. The Pokemon Company felt those leaks caused “irreparable injury”.

The Pokemon Company’s end goal doesn’t just involve identifying the leakers. If their search is successful, they could have a lawsuit sent their way.

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Much like previous Pokemon generations, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield were affected by leaks. All of the new creatures – as well as other information – were made public online prior to the launch date earlier this month. The Pokemon Company naturally wasn’t happy about this, and has filed a tentative lawsuit as it looks to track down the original leakers.

Perkins Coie, a firm now involved with the case, said in the suit that the leaks had caused “irreparable injury” to The Pokemon Company. As a result, it “is entitled to damages in an amount to be proven at trial.”

Four Discord users have been identified as leakers so far. The Pokemon Company is now interested in serving subpoenas to Discord and 4Chan to help determine who these people actually are, and is awaiting the court’s decision.


Leakers have revealed some of the last new Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. This concludes major creature discoveries that have been ongoing since Friday.

Here’s a look at the latest Pokemon:

Hello, my Fatal Cuties! This week on NEP, we got hit with some Pokemon leaks while recording, but we keep our reactions spoiler-free. We chat some great games we’ve been playing with Atelier Ryza, Luigi’s Mansion and more, then we muse on 3DS games we’d like to see make the jump to Switch. Somehow, we end up arguing with each other over Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. How. How even did that happen. Come have a chill game time with us.

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Update: Added Scorbunny’s second evolution and a better look at its final evolution.

Original: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have been hit with substantial leaks since Friday. Two weeks before the games officially launch, certain fans managed to get their hands on copies and have shared all sorts of information about creatures in the games. The leaks have continued over the past few hours with many new Pokemon, evolutions, Galarian and Gigantamax forms now being made known.

We’ve rounded up the latest set of leaks below. Once again, please turn away now if you’d prefer to go into your experience with Pokemon Sword/Shield without having been spoiled about new Pokemon that are included.

Update 2: These images have now been removed due to a request from The Pokemon Company.

Update: Due to the information that has emerged since November 1, we are removing the rumor tag.

Original: It’s been a busy past 24 hours for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield leaks. After starter evolutions for Grookie and Sobble were posted online, another set of leaks revealed new Pokemon.

Unsurprinsgly, the leaks haven’t stopped there. A large set of images, mostly coming from the official guide, have revealed new Gigantamax forms. We also have a look at more new Pokemon as well as Scorbunny’s supposed final evolution.

Here’s the full roundup:

Update 3: Due to the information that has emerged since November 1, we are removing the rumor tag.

Update 2: Sobble’s final evolution may also have now leaked, which we’ve added in below. Again, note that this is not confirmed currently.

Update: We have a quick update here, as Grookie’s final evolution has apparently leaked now as well. We’ve added that to the gallery below and have included two more images.

Original: Hot on the heels of supposed leaks showing starter evolutions for Grookie and Sobble, another batch of images for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield have apparently found their way online. The latest images show several previously-unannounced creatures.

We’ve posted the full set below. Once again, we’ll warn folks not to proceed past this point if they’re looking to avoid spoilers.

The Pokemon series is no stranger to leaks. It always seems that with each entry, news about the game comes online prior to release and official reveal. With two weeks to go until Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s launch, leaks for the Switch titles could be starting already.

We’re obviously about to go into some sensitive territory here. If you don’t want to be spoiled in any way, please turn away now.

A Pokemon Direct aired earlier today, treating fans to all sorts of details about Pokemon Sword/Shield. Interestingly, some of that information may have leaked a couple of leaks ago without many people initially noticing.

A thread posted on 4Chan contains a mix of what was covered in today’s presentation as well as details not yet confirmed. This person accurately named Hop as your rival, researcher Sonia being the granddaughter of Sword and Shield’s professor, and Wooloo. The Dynamaxing mechanic and raids were also brought up, along with accurately describing the new Legendary Pokemon and how the Wild Area plays out.

As for what hasn’t been announced yet, the leaker claims the following is in Pokemon Sword/Shield: