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Halloween is almost here, which means that a new event is on the way to Pokemon GO. Leaker Chrales has shared some of the early details. We’ve included the tidbits below – potential spoiler warning, of course.

Serebii reportedly discovered an image of what could potentially be a new Pokemon which was leaked in the network traffic of Pokemon GO. Only click to read more if you want to see the image of what could be the new Pokemon.

After more than 20 years, the Pokemon Gold demo featured at the 1997 Space World event has been uncovered. Its full contents have been extracted, and a whole lot of noteworthy information has been detailed and preserved.

First, here’s a look at every Pokemon sprite:

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon are out in the wild. Between people receiving review copies and folks in general getting their hands on the game, a lot of information is beginning to leak.

If you’re interested in learning about what’s circulating thus far, continue on below. We won’t be posting any of the details elsewhere on the site, unless anything is revealed officially leading up to launch.

With a new Pokemon game comes new merchandise, and Takara Tomy will be producing new figures for the two games later this year. Pokeshopper has the scoop on what’s to come.

Apparently, new secrets will be revealed this November, which is a month after the first Silvally figurine releases. A listing notes that a new form will exist in November, though it’s unclear if it pertains to a new Ultra Beast, or references Lycanroc, Togedemaru or Mimikyu.

Here’s the current lineup of figurines:

– Silvally M Figure – 1,200 yen October release
– Necrozma L Figure – 1,500 yen November release
– Three secrets (Reference form change)
– December – Nihilego, Tapu Bulu


Pokemon Sun/Moon leaks post

Posted on 4 years ago by Brian in 3DS, News

Update: Updates for Tuesday have begun.

Original: Even though Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon aren’t launching until next Friday, the leaks have begun. It would appear that someone has managed to obtain a retail copy ahead of release. Earlier in the day, that person began playing through the game and sharing images/information online. We’ll probably be hearing about similar reports in the days to come.

It’s going to be a long couple of weeks before Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are officially made available. With that in mind, we’ve set up a single post where leaked material will be contained. We won’t be sharing any content that early players provide anywhere else on the site. If you’re up for spoilers, continue on below.

A lot of data is getting mined from the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, and the final forms of the three starters are some of the first to be hit. Head past the break to see the leaked models:

Update 3: Several more images from the trailer leaked.

Update 2: Team Skull’s big boss shown.

Update: New trainer from Team Skull leaked, images added after the break. We’ve also removed the rumor tag as we’re nearly certain all of this is legitimate.

A lot of Pokemon news has surfaced this week thanks to CoroCoro. The Japanese magazine leaked out early like usual over the past few days, and gave us a glimpse at the latest creatures that will be featured in Sun/Moon.

That being said, the Pokemon Sun/Moon updates for the week aren’t over. To close out the week, we’ll be getting an official trailer which should show even more for the two games. At least some of the fun appears to have leaked early if some convincing new images are to go by. Head past the break for more.

The upcoming issue of CoroCoro features more information and Pokemon from Sun and Moon, and the pages have leaked early. In it, we can see a few new Pokemon and Alola forms. You can view the pages below the summary of the content, translated by Serebii. [Note: While the new Pokemon and characters are given names, these will most likely be different for localized versions of the games.]

First up is a Water-type fish Pokemon called Yowashi. There is also a larger, monstrous fish pictured, which is made up of many tiny fish, though this seems to be an actual school of Yowashi, and not necessarily an evolved form. Second are two Pokemon based on sandcastles, with the first (Sunabaa), resembling a small mound with a shovel sticking out of it, while its evolved form, Sunadeshiro, is a full castle. Both of these are Ghost/Ground type. Finally (at least for brand-new Pokemon), Bewear has a pre-evolved form, which is a small cub, called Nuikoguma. Like Bewear, it is Normal/Fighting.

However, the new reveals don’t end there; there are two new Alola forms revealed as well, for Marowak and Meowth. Alolan Marowak is a Ghost/Fire type, and it appears to be based off a fire dancer. Alolan Meowth is a Dark-type.

Furthermore, there is a tease of the antagonists of the game, Team Skull. They are featured at the bottom of the page with Rockruff, although little is detailed about them. The boss’s name is Guzuma, and the woman is Burumeri.

Finally, next month’s issue of CoroCoro will feature an evolution for Rockruff. Hopefully, when more information on the games drops later in the week, we’ll have better reveals for all of this new information.


Over the past couple of months, concept art for what people thought could be the final starter evolutions in Pokemon Sun/Moon made the rounds online. It wasn’t clear at the time if the images were truly legitimate, but with today’s official news update, it very much seems possible. Head past the break for more.