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Image Epoech, the developers behind titles such as Arc Rise Fantasia and 7th Dragon, will have their newest title revealed in next week’s Famitsu. While the company has mostly worked on Nintendo platforms, they did say awhile back that they have an unannounced PSP project in development. Of course, we won’t know if this is the game Famitsu will show off until the news is leaked in a few days. We will, however, provide further updates if this happens to be Nintendo related.

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Scribblenauts ROM out in the wild

Posted on 11 years ago by Brian in DS, News

Yesterday, there was some unfortunate news that the Pokemon HeartGold/Soul Silver ROMs had been released online. Sadly, there are reports that Scribblenauts has been leaked as well. Nintendo has attempted to squash piracy issues in the past, though it can be easily noticed that their efforts have been defeated up to this point. Scribblenauts will be out on Tuesday in North America and next month in Europe. We’ll have to wait and see if Nintendo can take action in response to this situation, but hopefully there won’t be a huge impact on sales of the title.

Famitsu to unveil Okamiden in next issue

Posted on 11 years ago by Brian in News, Wii


We only found out about the Okamiden trademark a few days ago, but we won’t have to wait much longer to find out what this mystery title is all about. 7&Y, an e-commerce site, not only confirms the game’s existence, yet also manages to let people know that the game will be present in the upcoming issue of Famitsu. It should be noted that e-commerce sites have accidentally let similar news be leaked in the past – Specifically with the Metal Gear Solid titles which were supposed to be properly announced at E3.

When it was announced that the next entry in the Dead Space series would be an on rails shooter, many gamers heaved a sigh of disappointment. Nevertheless, Visceral Games (the developers behind the title) insisted that it would reinvent the genre in any different ways. Many people were skeptical, but as more and more footage is seen, more screens released, and more details leaked, many people can’t help but be a little excited for the game. Now, a new detail has been revealed about the title that may just convert another pile of skeptics.

“She thinks she is the last survivor and her goal is to try and get to the tram station she’ll hopefully find more survivors. There is one little snag in her plan, the Necromorph infection is making her demented. She is hearing strange voices and seeing some alien hieroglyphic language on the walls, among other crazy things. The Necromorph infection is causing her to see flashes of color. The screen goes bright white and red for a moment before shifting back to normal.” – Senior Designer John Calhoun

This comes from a recent Nintendo Power interview in which Calhoun goes into detail about the dementia and how it will affect the player and his or her allies. I personally can only think of one other game that has done something like this, and people have been waiting for a sequel to Eternal Darkness for years. This may not be it, but it’s exciting to know that the same gameplay elements will be brought into a new dimension with Dead Space: Extraction.

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The first concept art of Epic Mickey was leaked yesterday, in addition to a small nugget of information that the game is being developed for Wii. Now not only has that detail been confirmed, but there there are additional gameplay and story details that have been released.

– Paint through levels
– Use Wii controller to paint
– This involves drawing, etching, erasing (some or all parts of a level)
– Story based on very old/forgotten Disney characters
– Those characters wish to take revenge of Mickey, perhaps because they are jealous of him

Even with a few early scans that had been leaked regarding Tatsunoko vs. Capcom’s North American release, there were some doubts that remained simply because Capcom hadn’t confirmed anything themselves. But today, the company has not only reassured gamers that the game is heading overseas, but also revealed that the title was one of their surprises for E3 this year. More details and and an announcement will be available in the coming weeks. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars will also be at Capcom’s booth this year.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom confirmed for North America

Posted on 11 years ago by Brian in Rumors, Wii


Looks like this is the real deal! See full image above (Thanks Jake!)


A rumor is abound that in an issue of Nintendo Power, there is a confirmation that Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is heading to North America. Now, I have the issue right in front of me, and nowhere in the game index is there even a mention of the title. It’s possible that a portion of the upcoming edition of the magazine was leaked, but for now, be wary of the speculation. Capcom’s Christian Svensson did say, however, that some news regarding the title may be released in the coming weeks.

Update: According to the same rumor source, the more hardcore Factor 5 game is not Star Wars or Star Fox, it began production in August 2007, and the shooter title technically could still be Kid Icarus granted the shooting elements translated into a Kid Icarus game.

Everyone is pretty much aware with the situation of Factor 5 and Kid Icarus. The company has been rumored to be developing a title in the series for Wii for quite some time now. However, according to new speculation, the projects that Factor 5 have in development are not Kid Icarus-related.

The company is apparently working on two titles for the Wii. One is a casual game while the other is supposedly a third-person shooter. The unnamed shooter is said to allow players to take action on both the ground and in the air. If the casual game is not Kid Icarus, then it looks as though Factor 5 may not be in charge of any such project that has been previously rumored.

As you may remember, leaked concept art for a Kid Icarus title was revealed a few months ago. Alongside that story came more rumors that Factor 5 was sending an approval to Nintendo for a new title in the series. Additionally, Nintendo was alledgely upset that Kid Icarus would not make an appearance at E3 2008 because Factor 5 was dealing with internal problems.

There are a few questions that arise now: Is Factor 5 really not developing a Kid Icarus game for Wii? Is another company overseeing the project? Or was all of the speculation entirely incorrect in the first place?

MadWorld review

Posted on 11 years ago by Brian in Reviews, Wii


Game Info
System: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Beat em up
Players: 1-2
Release Date: March 10, 2009
Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Sega

Ever since its launch, the Nintendo Wii has served as the pinnacle of casual gaming for the modern industry. People who once overlooked video games were playing Wii Sports and working out with Wii Fit, and those who already played games were drawn in by the intuitive controls and party-style gameplay. For the more mature gamers, however, the novelty soon wore off and countless Wiis were found gathering dust in closets and on unused TV stands. While Nintendo continued to release and re-make more and more casual-style games, hardcore gamers abandoned Wii altogether, often selling their systems in order to purchase another. The lack of more mature and hardcore titles on the system has served to be one of its major catastrophes, and also its biggest pitfall. But of course, with a new year comes a new mentality, and game developer/publisher Sega has strayed into all but untouched snow with their stylized black and white beat em up, Madworld which has proven to be not only the Wiis first big blockbuster of the year, but also the most fun I have had playing video games in a long time.

– Leaked footage is real
– Leaked footage of going from ground to air space to orbit will be turned into a cut-scene
– Unclear if the project has been moved to Rebellion
– Wasn’t the development team’s fault that the game was taken away
– Might not have been LucasArts’ fault either – might be because of the economy and was an expensive project
– Game was in development for more than 18 months, was very close to completion
– LucasArts never told the dev. team when the game was going to release – Might have been because they didn’t want The Force Unleashed “contracting” with” Battlefront III
– Multiplayer mode was apparently very well developed
– Not everything from leaked video was single-player footage
– Critical reception of Haze may have also been a reason why the game was taken form Free Radical
– Timesplitters 4 has not been picked up by a publisher – consensus that Americans wouldn’t want to buy it
– More work from Timesplitters 4 shown to fans would impress – “The technology we were developing specifically for Timsplitters 4 was streets ahead of what you see in Battlefront III. Streets ahead. The art and the environments really are stunning. Head and shoulders above what you’re seeing in Battlefront.”
– There’s a possibility that Free Radical will survive

If you happened to miss out on the leaked Battlefront III footage, you can check it out here.