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Valay is away for a few hours! :[

Posted on October 8, 2008 by in News

Hi, Nintendo Nerds!

Valay, Nintendo Everything’s owner is going to be away for a few hours.  So, while he’s gone, the website might be a little dead.  Shame on Valay for not having any technology around him in today’s world to take care of his precious website he’s obsessed with!  Nonetheless, I will try to take care of the website in the next few days, posting news stories, until he returns.  Though, if the website isn’t as active as usual, PLEASE do visit the website often because Valay will return and really, he will post a montage of stories to make up for the boring leave.

Anyway, grab a WiiMote, play the Wii or grab your DS and play that for hours and hours until Valay returns so you can keep visiting Nintendo Everything!

Though, as I said, I will try the best I can to satify you Nintendo Nerds with Nintendo related stories.


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