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ARMS – Nintendo gives a proper introduction for Mechanica

Posted on April 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The official Japanese ARMS Twitter account is back with another update on the upcoming Switch game. New messages shared today give more insight into Mechanica.

Mechanica, otherwise known as “Rocket Girl”, works at the “Scrap Yard” factory. She’s a mechanical design engineering prodigy, and has dreamed of participating in the ARMS Grand Prix ever since she was a child. Although she can’t directly use ARMS, she’s able to do so through an exoskeleton that she herself created.



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  • Coonfoot

    I figured something like that would be her story. And of course, Twitter’s already gushing over how cute she is.

  • Ser2k2

    Real ARMS!

  • TDude73

    “Love, Mechanica.”

  • This character is technically cheating… I mean the other characters don’t have mecha or anything right…

    • Exposer

      I dont know they have ages, works and family, probably she is like Rock Lee wants to be a ninja, but cant use chakra.

    • Stuart

      “In this competition you can’t use anything but your arms,but ok we will let this little girl to use her giant mecha with guns”

      • Wolfgem

        It doesn’t have guns tho.

      • So that’ll make Minmin a cheater too since she uses kicks…

        So many wannabes coming into our pure sport and tainting it I say. TAINTING IT!

  • Exposer

    People before Mechanica’s propper reveal: Meh…We preffer Ramen Waifu and Ribbon Waifu.

    • Stuart

      To be fair,she was my favorite since the first trailer XD

    • OlimacFTW

      Nah. Min Min is still my fave girl.

  • halcyon

    Sorry tron bonne

    • DeltaPeng

      Tron Bonne! Yes! Been too long

      I say Mechanica’s cute, but her mech is kinda bulky and so it kind of obscures her from view. Hopefully she’ll have an alternate mech later down the road

  • MagcargoMan

    So there are people with normal arms in this game. Is everyone else just a bunch of amputees? I kinda get the feeling that might be the case given how she couldn’t just put arms over her normal ones.

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