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Atlus to have news about Shin Megami Tensei for Switch on October 23

Posted on September 23, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

At the Tokyo Game Show today, Atlus announced that an update regarding the new Shin Megami Tensei game for Switch will be shared next month. News pertaining to the HD project will drop on October 23, the company confirmed. Nothing else was said about the game, so we’ll simply need to wait until that day for further details.


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  • Princess_Eevee9

    Oh good, just in time for Halloween.

    • Game_God

      go f**k urself :O

      • LB

        or, as Primrose would say, “Go pleasure yourself.”

  • Sinara Centeno

    Shin Megami Tensei V? Nocturne style? Yesssss!!!

  • hi v3.0

    Can’t wait because there’s zero news about this game so far

  • dathip

    Most anticipated title besides Metroid Prime 4

  • Exy

    Remember when they first announced Tokyo Mirage Sessions and used images from actual Shin Megami Tensei games? That was kind of underhanded, wasn’t it?

    • Indielink

      They have talked at length about how difficult development of this game was and how they changed directions on the game halfway through.

      • Fandangle

        And at that point it wasn’t “halfway through” though.

        And they changed it from something literally everyone wanted to PersonaXAwakening which no one wanted and then they censored all the life out of it and it sold like the trash it was.

        • Indielink

          No, this announcement was made when they started development and still had no idea what the game would look like. It was essentially vapourware.

          Did you actually try playing it? Say what you want about the wonky dialogue but the gameplay is solid. Also, don’t blame Atlus for Nintendo’s censorship policies.

          • Fandangle

            I can blame Atlus for not delivering a game people wanted, and they clearly didn’t want it.

          • AidoruKatsudou

            You can bet he didn’t play it as the gameplay and dungeon design is more similar to SMT than Persona and Shadow Dragon is way more relevant to the plot than Awakening.

            Almost everyone who complains about TMS never even tried it, that explains why the reception among critics and people who played it is so good while the usual internet outraged user complains about it.

        • If you got hard over what was essentially a couple posters of characters from previous games, you are the one at fault here

    • Addy

      Oh look it’s the reason I wanted to get into both FE and SMT and also the reason I no longer want to get into both FE and SMT.

      • why should ridiculous fans stop you from liking something?
        the internet is full of those. insane fans of everything have a foothold online.

        the only people who are willing to talk enough about something for an associated forum, website or channel to exist are those who are unhealthily obsessed with it. that’s the basic tenet of the internet. the vocal minority of fans is always crazy.

        • Addy

          This wasn’t due to obsessive fan, but the game it resulted. When I first heard of it back when it was tentatively titled “Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei”, I expected something like character from both series battling or joining forces to fight the true source of evil. That made me want to get both Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV back then. Then two years passed, I was greeted with some Jpop, fanservice infested, hot mess of a game that barely resembles a Persona game but with Fire Emblem charaters that don’t look exactly like they were from the games they were originally from. And then it got watered down for the international release, maybe more then Xenoblade Chronicles X, another game I got disenchanted by. Other can like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE if they want, I’ve got nothing against them, but to me, it will go down as one of the biggest disappointments of the Wii U era, the mostly dry barren era that it was.

  • Anthony Chowanec

    Always love an announcement about an announcement.

  • Ya know, it’s so funny. The Sony fanboys are already getting riled up again, but when they talk about SMTIV, they hate it. I think IV did have its problems with its writing and to me it’s where they’re starting to push SMT to being more like Persona, but if these guys trash the game when it’s revealed to be Switch exclusive – or go on to praise it just because it’s gonna be on PS4 too? Like. . . I just won’t be able to go into SMTIV articles anymore. =w=;

    • Aiddon

      Yeah, it’s insufferable to hear winging from a bunch of brats who are allergic to just buying Nintendo systems.

      • Right? Like, get over it. They feel entitled to the idea that Nintendo players should have to buy their console to enjoy games, but not the reverse. I wish they wouldn’t be so contradictory at least.

        • Velen (Not WoW)

          I hate to be that guy but we tend to be the same on a lot of occasions.

          • Can you elaborate?

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            When it comes to buying Nintendo consoles to play certain games… when people don’t want that….

            -or maybe I’m thinking of something else I dunno.

    • GoldenTriforce

      Yeah speaking of which, I still have no idea how exclusive this thing is.

      • I don’t either. I think it’s highly likely that it is Switch exclusive, as they didn’t bother to show the trailer or mention it during Sony’s presentation at TGS or anything else. And Sony hasn’t said anything bout it either. (Sony also might not care since they have P5.)

        I can see it being multi-plat, or just timed exclusive, but I do think it’s less likely. There’s also the fact that SMT slowly shifted to being exclusive to Nintendo handhelds, and being hybrid, makes sense for it to be on Switch.

        • GoldenTriforce

          I mean I don’t think mainline Shin Megami Tensei has ever been on a Playstation, so like how mainline Persona has never been on a Nintendo system, there is no precedent for it.

          I think the rumor of a PS4 version came from some hiring post but I have not seen any actual evidence of it existing so I am just assuming its fake.

          • Nocturne. But that was the once. And pretty much the same pattern with Persona.
            We have gotten spin-off Persona on Nintendo lately, but still no other SMT on Sony.

            I think the rumor was spouted by desperate fans who made stuff up to back their ideas, lol. There’s also the fact that Atlus does have its main teams working on PS4 games, so people probably got confused or projected.

          • GoldenTriforce

            Based on some prior… hasty translations…. I wouldn’t be surprised if this hiring post was for something else and someone quickly translated it like this.

    • GoldenTriforce

      The only game I have been upset over not being on the Switch is Monster Hunter world, and I am not asking for that game to come to Switch, only for a new main series Monster Hunter to come to Switch soon. And I have a PS4, its not that I don’t want those on the PS4 to have access to the series, I most certainly do especially in America, but I feel that Monster Hunter is such a crucial seller in Japan, and that the PS4 really can’t sell much more than it already is over there. If publishers in Japan really want to save the industry over there, they need to focus on Switch releases for stuff like Dragon Quest (which is coming) and Monster Hunter, not PS4 releases.

      • I can’t even be upset about it since it was in development for so long, and I think a proper Switch MonHun is coming. Since Worlds is coming out so early next year, I’ll bet by the end of the year, MonHun team announces something. Unless they wait for 2019 (like during E3 or TGS).

        True. I mean, DQ11 painted a very clear picture. The PS4 version is apparently doing well for SE, but it is far from the performance I expected. I think the same is going to happen with MonHun.

        • GoldenTriforce

          Yeah. Ps4 sold like 80k the week DQXI released and then it fell back to its norm. That to me tells me that not much can really create the energy needed to push PS4 the the level it needs. DQ XI is selling well, but its selling off of install base. Monster Hunter World will do a bit more but I don’t think it will be enough.

          • Yup. That, and the game itself slowed down way faster than I thought it would on PS4.

            It’s gonna be interesting to see how World does.

          • Bart

            And to see how the Switch version of DQXI does when it’s finally released will be interesting as well.

          • Definitely, I’m very much so looking forward to how that does.

  • Auragar

    About time don’t know why no trailer here at TGS though but whatever.

  • who announces an announcement?
    this is so weird
    just say the thing

    • R.Z.

      I guess you’re supposed to tease the announcement of the announcement first nowadays, so yeah, it’s clearly incompetent.

  • R.Z.

    I really think I needed that full month to prepare myself for possible excitement.
    Thanks for the notice Altus !

  • Fandangle

    The news will probably be that it isn’t a switch exclusive.