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Here’s a Podcast – Episode 65!

Posted on November 4, 2013 by (@NE_Austin) in Features, Podcast

Jack drew a pretty picture of Link and Laura at the end of the last stream.

Twelve hours after finishing our Extra Life 24-hour live stream, we record another podcast! We discuss Batman (aka Austin excessively criticizes it), Mario Sunshine, Mario Galaxy 2, and 3D platforming, Wind Waker vs. Skyward Sword (and other Zeldas), the PS1 game ‘LSD’, as well as some great listener mail and a bit of news. This episode was way too long though. We’re working on that.

This Week’s Podcast Crew: Austin, Jack, and Laura

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  • ecoutercavalier

    Laura sounds tired..

  • guitaristoftime

    This podcast had a lack of creamed corn 😉 These are awesome im glad i found these

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    Laura always sound like she’s suffering.. I don’t think you are being picky when you ask her to sit up.. Please Laura, don’t be offended, it’s just that it sounds a little annoying to hear someone who speaks like they don’t want to be there. And I’m just saying that because I know it’s not the case, please take this as a constructive criticism, don’t be offended, I like you =)

    • Laura Tsai

      I totally hear you no worries! I really just sound like that on other podcasts, I enjoy doing them. This past month I have been having some sleep issues but once school starts hopefully they will get better. This recent podcast I was kinda suffering, I was EXHAUSTED. I’m not offended 😀

      • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

        I know how it is!! I;m so glad you didn’t take it in a bad way though, sometimes it’s hard to express the way you want to say something by just typing =)
        You are awesome, thanks for everything you guys do for us… I know how time consuming this is. Good luck with school, I hope you can get yous sleeping hours back!

  • Vacoze

    1. That drawing is like in my fanfic comic XD

    2. Jack make a noise!

    3I don’t think any of this will ever change, but i wanted to make a point on something I’ve been thinking about for awhile (That i’m sure a lot of other people have too) but I think our (gamers) biggest problem is that we compare. Like say, Twilight Princess to Wind Waker. Obviously these have much different art styles. But the content is all there! A lot of stuff is actually based on one another! So why does it seem like one is “better” because of graphics? Wind Waker actually has more of a charming and comical feel to it. So with that in mind you could say Wind Waker is better! Now, Link to The Past holds up today extremely well for its time. Its content could be something that actually comes out today! (i.e. Link Between Worlds) But what’s the one thing that would make it not sell? Art Style. Art style DOES NOT make a game. (Now if a game is directed towards art and beauty thats a different story.) What makes a game is its story and how it actually affects you. Its about giving you an experience. And If an 8-bit game like super mario bros. can you leave you with a strong childhood memory, like remembering how many times it took you to beat it or that feeling of amazement when you found the warp zone, how could you say one game is better than the other based on graphics? You could Have the exact same experience, exact same story line in two games. But if one looks different than the other, why do people automatically assume that the more realistic one is better? But here’s my Point. If you were to play Wind Waker BEFORE Twilight Princess, And you realize its charming quality and how it plays on emotions, that could be your favorite Zelda game! And it could stay that way! Now if you did Twilight Princess first, afterwards if you played Wind Waker all you would notice would be the “little-kid” cartoon art style and never know the true potential of the game. You could just ride it off as not fit to be a zelda game. So really, i think It’s all about comparing a game to past experiences, And I think that could play a pretty big role in all of the sequels and remakes we’re getting nowadays.

  • SecretX

    too bad you guys couldn’t do the rest of listener mail, but you guys do get alot.