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Hyper Light Drifter reaches Wii U stretch goal on Kickstarter

Posted on October 10, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

Hyper Light Drifter will be making its way to Wii U after reaching a stretch goal on Kickstarter. The $550,000 target was surpassed just a short while ago.

There’s still a little under two days remaining in the Hyper Light Drifter campaign, though it’s not clear what stretch goal lies ahead. Something extra will be unlocked at $600,000, but the specifics haven’t been confirmed just yet.

Thanks to Stopga for the tip.

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  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior


  • James Fox

    Lemme get this straight people
    You shunned River City Ransom: Underground’s Wii U stretch goal for THIS?

    OK – at least make it happen via the game’s PayPal…please?

    • The world can do without another sequel

      • James Fox

        The Kunio games have never seen US release in some time
        This is our only chance to play a Kunio brawler in decades
        Fail it and it’s your fault that Kunio is doomed in japan via region lock!

        • Isn’t it their fault for prioritizing PC and even Vita, eschewing traditional funding, and never translating their games? I don’t give to kickstarters.

    • LordDisco

      Dude! Enough already. Hyper Light Drifter looks amazing, and if you’re going to keep pestering the idea that RCR: Underground deserves more than it got, all you are doing is making people not want to support RCR: Underground at all.

      I supported Hyper Light Drifter because it looks amazing! I did NOT support RCR: Underground because they did a poor job convincing me that it was going to be on anything besides PC. They were asking for way too much, and Kunio-kun games get released all of the time here in Japan. If you’re going to ask for anything, try to demand that they translate one of the numerous 3DS games over to North America.

      Also, because of your horrible attempt at promoting RCR: Underground, it made me not want to support it even more.

  • SparkRaid

    Please to be of service. (Stopga is my twitter lol.)

  • LordDisco

    This is so exciting! I’ve been supporting Hyper Light Drifter since the beginning, and now I’m having a hard time deciding which version I’ll want once the game is released. All of the stretch goals have been so exciting, too! Can’t wait to hear more!