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Mighty No. 9 donations exceed $4 million, game will include retro chiptune soundtrack and online battle race mode

Posted on October 1, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

Mighty No. 9 hit its final two stretch goals prior to the end of the game’s Kickstarter.

Earlier today, the campaign (including PayPal donations) hit $3.8 million, guaranteeing an 8-bit-style chiptune soundtrack for the final product. The optional soundtrack will feature classic sound effects as well. Players will be able to toggle it on or off in the settings menu.

With funds reaching $4 million, Mighty No. 9 will also incorporate an online battle race mode. You’ll be able to compete online with others through “slightly customized versions of single-player stages.”

Here’s the official lowdown:

The ultimate online competition! You and a friend compete online, racing to the end of slightly customized versions of single-player stages. You can see your rival as a “ghost” image in your game, but you can’t affect each other…save for the enemies you defeat being sent over to impede your opponent’s progress! It’s an all new twist on versus mode play that will give Mighty No. 9 life well beyond the single-player campaign!

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  • James Fox

    Ok people, Now will you please help River City Ransom: Underground in the same passion as you did to Mighty No. 9, River City Ransom is one of the best NES games of all time — Please don’t pass this up

    • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

      Thanks for posting this here, it was not in vain! I helped the game bwcause of this.. I didn’t even know about it before

      • James Fox

        Now please spread the word, It’s got 7 (or 6) days left to not only get funded but also reach ALL of it’s stretch goals
        Now make it prosper, GO GO GO!

  • Carlos

    I must admit that I did not expect it to hit all those stretch goals. I can’t wait for the game 🙂